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484: En-Jaye’s Patrick Guidotti Then:CheapSkates 1991–Now: A random ramp in the woods (PA) Plus a look at Totally

Patrick Guidotti

Melanchollie to Fakie, CheapSkates PA 1991

Patrick Guidotti Today

Melon to Fakie some random ramp in PA

Photo Phil Jackson

Patrick is a Jerse skater from back in the day. We met cyberironically over some  JT Murphy pics emailed to me by Ken Salerno there was PG in the folder as well. Since then I have checked out Patricks Totally and they have become my new favorite post modern band of gypsy skate company on the block from New Jersey…hands down. I will post some more pics of their crew for sure but head over to the Totally website and check it out for yourself they all kill it,and the videos are hosted on the site so there are some cool tunes that have not been wiped out by the likes of youtube.

Here is some more from Patrick:

Totally –   It really was one of those funny things… it began as a conversation between me and a good friend of mine, Dave Wasnak, just talking about how cool it would be to do something like design t-shirts or something, and eventually those conversations led to the idea of making boards.   And then eventually we spent enough time talking about it that we just decided to go ahead and take a shot at it.
I had skated for 5boro from it’s inception in 1996 until 2002, and that whole experience was amazing.  In the early days of 5boro, everyone involved played a role in its development.  It was not much different from what I’m doing now in that it’s just a bunch of friends skating and creating something we think is great.   I try not to get caught up in industry hype, and clever bullshit.  I really just enjoy the whole process of making a brand I think is cool, and I enjoy skating our boards.   We really do just have a lot of fun with it.   My partner, Dave, is about as good a business partner as anyone could hope for, so even though we are really hacking our way through the business side of things, it’s a lot easier when you have a solid person with a lot of good ideas to help along the way.  Now we just need someone to do sales for us, because we are horrible at pushing stuff! haha

Patrick Guidotti still killing it, The Autumn Bowl
Jason Oliva Artist