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521: My Ebay Didn’t Win (2) NOS Rob Mertz Zorlac sticker 1980’s Pusshead

$20.59! I was way outbid on this gem…and a cool clear one too boot. I do have one on a white background flowed to me by Rob back in the day. It is safely tucked away in a stack along with my weird Tommy G a Bernie O’Dowd a Jay Henry Creation a Steve Mannion Creation some Pipeline Stickers and all of my Team Steam stickers (which I will post the remainder of Steam Cards when I am in the same place as them)


468: MERTZ!

Mertz’s Zorlac Video part, Also John Fudala


Say hello to Mertz HERE


462: ROB MERTZ Skating at Bucky Lasek’s new pool “Heaven”

Rob Mertz in “Heaven”

Been skating Bucky’s pool almost everyday, (until I jacked my back again about 6 weeks ago…). The pool rules! Probably the best thing I’ve ever ridden!!!! I’m sure everyone has seen video of it by now. The daily sessions were me, Paul Wisnewski, Chris Conway, Tony Mag, Miller and Owen Neider and Bucky of course!  The pool is as big as a modern vert ramp but, with all the hips and corners of a pool! So, if you’re a vert dog who loves pools, (like me), you are S-T-O-K-E-D!!!! Big thumbs up to Bucky for making it happen and letting this old vert guy skate it!!! Thanks Buck!!!


456: Rob Mertz’s band One Choice – New Record out now!

Here’s the new record from my band One Choice. All my friends can help me out by ordering it at It’s pure hardcore in the vein of Trial, Strife, Have Heart….with tons of heavyweight guest appearances!

Rob Mertz

352: Team Steam 1987 Photo Annual

[clearspring_widget title=”” wid=”46928cc51133af17″ pid=”4971dd33fff03bcb” width=”432″ height=”240″ domain=””]

Team Steam 1987 Photo Annual created by Ben Cornish

Music Raging Lamos

Photos by:

Ben Cornish

Jason Oliva

Video by Jason Oliva

Try out:

320: One Choice “This X… The Nail In Your Coffin” Rob Mertz!!


So Stevie D is not the only member of Team Steam that can Rifle Fass riffs!! Rob Mertz on gits!! One Choice