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547: Jeff Jones Varial-Layback Air at Tom Groholski’s+Kona : JT Murphy and Chuck Treece looking on

Jeff Jones Varial Layback Air, JT Murphy and Chuck Treece on Deck

Photo Deitz Brothers

Another gem from Ken and Steve Deitz, who’s skate life and photography have become a cornerstone of The House of Steam, we cant thank them enough for the hind sight of documenting things and their willingness to share.

Jeff Jones! Contest day at Tom’s, Varial layback air. This is a bit of a chained post …linked on to Chuck’s new deck post and PVO’s mention of JT Murphy. Looks like Chuck blew out a right knee cap…I also know that Tom, Jim Murphy  and Steve Herring amongst others are watching from the other deck.


As a bonus if you wanna see what a varial layback air looks fully performed then click on the pic below and watch NJ Am Variflex skater Jeff Jones take an old school run on the Kona ramp (I dig it when a post falls together)



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at YouTubeSkate (your boss wont mind)  The ams in 1986 were really good, not the largest of gaps between them and the pros.

We are having a visitor this week…hoe this tides everyone over for a couple days

Jason Oliva Artist


542: Steve Caballero Kona First switch invert

Not sure what year this was but it is for sure the early 80’s. This is from Kona’s archive, they have a couple more of these that I will link to and then we can move on. Check out this crazy run from Steve Caballero culminating in a switch invert. Crazy.


377: Kona From Above Photo by Jeff Roenning circa back in the day


Kona From Above

Photo Jeff Roenning

Photoshop Heroics Jason Oliva


Jason Oliva

 I have never been to Kona in Florida, not even sure if it still exists. I first discovered its existence in 84 when I saw a picture of a young Stevie Cab winning a contest there. Truthfully the place always seemed mythic to me like Avalon, Valhalla, or Cherry Hill. Jeff made the journey at a young age and came home with this early morning picture.


285: Kona from above, photo by Jeff Roenning

Kona Skate park picture by Jeff Roenning

Kona Skatepark, FL circa early 80’s

Photo Jeff Roenning

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Here is a pic that Jeff sent me ages ago of Kona from above, back in the day. I noticed today on Apples News page  there is a slide show with images from present day Kona…This place really has evolved…

Kona Skatepark, located in Jacksonville, FL, was built 31 years ago and offers up two mind-boggling features. The first is the Snake Run, which drops 100 feet by the time you travel its 700 yards from top to bottom. Once you’re done riding out the long and winding run, you can check out the park’s other signature feature: the Tombstone. The Tombstone is a six-foot wall attached to a 12-foot deep bowl. Skaters from around the world have tried out tricks on this unique set up, including world famous pros like Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist. But Kona isn’t just for experts: the park offers free classes for beginners every Saturday morning.

Checkout the pics and vids of the current Kona: HERE LIQUID INSANE-O!! 


124: Dan Wilkes fontside invert Kona 1981 photo J Cab

Dan Wilkes Kona 1981 jason oliva the house of steam

Dan Wilkes Frontside invert Kona Skatepark Florida 1981

Photo by J Cab

Well here is another vintage J Cab photo of our good friend here at The House of Steam Dan Wilkes. I believe this was during or around the time of a contest at Kona in 1981 and Dan always one to innovate is throwing back a crazy frontside invert.

Dan send us more stuff!!! Thanks to Skatecab.com as well

Anyone have anymore Kona stuff please send it our way.

jason oliva






Bernie O’Dowd and Chris WEEP Blank Dorkin Around circa 1987
Super 8 footage by Ben Cornish

Team Steam at Matt Klein’s New jersey Circa 1987
Super 8 from Ben Cornish