285: Kona from above, photo by Jeff Roenning

Kona Skate park picture by Jeff Roenning

Kona Skatepark, FL circa early 80’s

Photo Jeff Roenning

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Here is a pic that Jeff sent me ages ago of Kona from above, back in the day. I noticed today on Apples News page  there is a slide show with images from present day Kona…This place really has evolved…

Kona Skatepark, located in Jacksonville, FL, was built 31 years ago and offers up two mind-boggling features. The first is the Snake Run, which drops 100 feet by the time you travel its 700 yards from top to bottom. Once you’re done riding out the long and winding run, you can check out the park’s other signature feature: the Tombstone. The Tombstone is a six-foot wall attached to a 12-foot deep bowl. Skaters from around the world have tried out tricks on this unique set up, including world famous pros like Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist. But Kona isn’t just for experts: the park offers free classes for beginners every Saturday morning.

Checkout the pics and vids of the current Kona: HERE LIQUID INSANE-O!! 


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