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590: Jeff Roenning has built/owned more ramps than you!

Jeff Roenning on one of his Epic Ramps NJ late 80’s

Jeff Roenning has built more personal backyard ramps than anyone I can think of. They were always taller, wider and longer  then anyone’s around as well. I cant tell you how often the alliteration Roenning’s Ramp has been used. Prior to attending the Watchung Hills Regional High School Skate Academy (where we all came together) I was dragged to church on Sundays by my Mother and one day en route I spied one of Jeff Roenning’s Mega Ramps. At the time I was riding Lackland’s – an 8 foot wide ramp along with Rocky Vertone and some other friends. It was in  the woods near to my house (only a 45 minute skate) and I had not met Jeff yet because we attended different Junior High schools.

One Saturday I took the two hour skate journey to Jeff’s – I walked into his backyard unannounced with a friend and just started skating (didnt even ring the bell) that is how it worked back then. Jeff came out and started ripping…my friend and I had not conquered dropping in yet so we did not talk much that afternoon with Jeff on the platform and me starting from the flat but I do recall him asking me “Have you been to the Barn?…

Rocky Vertone, Jason Oliva, Jeff Roenning (Deer in the Headlights) watching Christian Hosoi skating

After that day I went on to ride Roenning’s Ramps (starting with number five) and we have been friends ever since. When I showed up in High School a year or two later I was introduced to Tag, Corn, Weep, The Kanes, The Padulos, The McDowalls, The Pruskowski’s, Taylor, Tom, Murph, Bernie,Darren,Jay Henry, John Ballon, Papo, Jaime,Jeremy, Irene (the NYC crew) and then a further cast of out of State characters(PA,MD,VA,TX,CA,MA,CT,DC..etc etc) plus all those younger then us(and this list continues to grow). Jeff is currently building ramp number eight, a  mini ramp in his backyard built completely with wood salvaged from the Santa Cruz dump…you can’t shake that [En-Jay] DIY spirit it seems. Jeff also has a killer website about skateparks in CA Mostly Roundwall so check it out.

I have attached some photo’s of Jeff’s ramps I will try to add all 7.

Jason Oliva Artist


Alot of people rode Jeff’s ramps back in the day Hosoi, Miller, Roskopp, Groholski to name a few:

Christian Hosoi Jeff Roenning’s Hill Crest Ramp (Circa 1986)

Chris Miller on Roenning’s Ramp- Jeff on Deck circa mid 80’s

King George – The First

Valley View – The Second

Number three!

Need a pic of Number four

Dan Tag hard at work on Number 5 (The first one that had some modern thought to it)

Number 5 underway

Glorious number Five

Mountain Ave ramp – Loads of vert and number 6

The Epic Hill Crest – Winter, Lucky Number Seven

The Epic Hill Crest – Spring

Santa Cruz 2010……Number 8!

563: Jeff Roenning taking in Steve Caballero’s art show last night in Santa Cruz

Steve Caballero and Jeff Roenning

April 9th 2010 Santa Cruz at Cab’s Art Exhibition

There are so many reason’s to dig Steve Caballero. The fact that he is one of the premiere ambassadors of skateboarding is one reason…The fact he lives a life full of strong faith and conviction which he uses to inspire is another good reason.  At  THOS we have even recently gone out of pocket to show how much we dig his music (a third good reason) . So if you were unaware and were also looking for a further reason to dig Cab here are some images from his recent art exhibition in Santa Cruz.  Jeff stopped by last night and they chatted like old friends.

Steve has a cool visual vocabulary: Hot Rods, Helmets, animals and 70’s Japanese Movies and Television….he is adept at painting with acrylics, pen and ink, silk screening and stencilling.

Great stuff!

Thanks for the pictures Jeff…

Jason Oliva Artist

490: Jeff Roenning some things never change even after 23 years.

Jeff Roenning Fakie Ollie The Barn
Photo Ken Deitz.

Jeff Roenning fakie ollie 2010
Photo…you guessed it The Padulo Bros.

I guess your skate style is like a finger print no way to change it or disguise it…JR got together with Matt and Dave Padulo last week in NJ after some 23 odd years ….they had a grand “old” time.

Jason Oliva

427: NJ High School Ditch, Weep & Corn, Tag, Rocky, Roenning circa 85 A Padulo Brothers Brigade film!


Hey Jason

SkateBoarding” Clip
That’s Tag to start. Looks like there a ton of people on the ground watching. Next is Rocky in the White Helmet. He always skated like Cab with that smooth style and crooked neck.  That’s Corn in the blue shirt and yellow helmet.  That’ Jeff Roenning in the white Zorlac shirt and yellow helmet. And I think thats weep sitting on the platform as Rocky chucks an air over his knees.  Next is Corn and Weeps at the Ditch. Corn said it’s the ditch by the highschool but I think it’s the one closer to Bridgewater on 78 East.  I could be wrong. This part kinda chokes me up watching it.  And then there’s the weird Kona part at the end. I know nothing about it.

The second part of the clip is at my ramp again and it’s Tag again.

I’m sure the people that did the original transfer just stuck it together with no rhyme or reason.  My folks still have the original film too.

Dave Padulo

Jason Oliva

Classic stuff! That is the ditch on route 78 across from Watchung Hills regional Highschool. 

Out the cafeteria (during lunch) and through the woods then it was just a quick  game of Frogger across 78 and you could skate for 15 minutes or so and have time to get back to class. Unless you went with Weep who would take one annoying long 15 minute run and leave you standing there to watch…Commmmmmaaaahhhhhhnnnnn WEEP!! enough already!…great times.

PS. The generic transfer music is too sad.


Jason Oliva and Weep Sciving off from school: High School Ditch NJ…86’ish

Photo Ben Cornish


405: Jeff Roennings ramp(one of many) NJ mid 80’s: Who’s who?

jeff roennings ramp

Jeff Roennings Backyard mid 80’s

Jason Oliva
I know I have said this before but I am in the process of getting together a shot of all of Jeff’s ramps that scattered the Watchung/Warren NJ landscape in the 80’s. In the meantime I received this pic…so lets do a who’s who? If you are in the pic or can recognize someone post it in the comments:

From left to right(7 Skaters)

1.Weep  (White Helmet)

2.Jeff Roenning  (Yellow Helmet)

3.Rocky Vertone (Red Helmet)

4.Steven Deitz (Dropping in)

5.(red helmet)

6.Bob Losito  (ground)

7.(Far Platform)


So far this is the general consensus 


377: Kona From Above Photo by Jeff Roenning circa back in the day


Kona From Above

Photo Jeff Roenning

Photoshop Heroics Jason Oliva


Jason Oliva

 I have never been to Kona in Florida, not even sure if it still exists. I first discovered its existence in 84 when I saw a picture of a young Stevie Cab winning a contest there. Truthfully the place always seemed mythic to me like Avalon, Valhalla, or Cherry Hill. Jeff made the journey at a young age and came home with this early morning picture.


349: Rob Roskopp Sadplant at the Barn 1986? Weepy and Jeff Roenning on the deck.


Rob Roskopp Sad Plant The Barn circa 1986?

The fish eye lense used in taking this photo makes the Barn look alot more spacious then it was..there was no Tardis effect in reality The Barn looked big from the outside and small on the inside. The Barn defied a lot of things but the physics of spatial relations was not one of them. 

There is Weep peaking his head around Jeff’s shoulder on the deck. Anyone know who the third skater was?

Jeff Roenning was a big part of NJ skate, he had  5 or 6 backyard ramps under his belt throughout the 80’s and was responsible for alot of pro visits to the area including Roskopp and Chris Miller. JR has sent me a ton of great pictures a couple of which are categorized under Photos by Jeff Roenning which are worth a look and a lot of long overdue pics I promise to get resized and put into the archive. (I blame my lack of a decent Apple product for their delay)