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499: Jeff Phillips: Makes Trashmore look like a mini ramp

Ok I gotta thank Bernie for spotting this one and putting it out on FB… Also thanks to Unscene Productions in Maryland for putting this together. How crazy is that one frontside boneless over the channel…if you watched the vid you know the one…Jeff Phillips…crazy.

Jason Oliva

498: S-One Helmets Rumble in Ramona footage

Chris from S-One sent this over to me a couple notes of interest..Tag over the channel and Ben Raybourn’s padless 540…Yikes!

Thanks Chris


419: Mike Frazier, Leonard Trubia, Paul Larson, Milford Barnes, Todd Morrow and Darrin Rutlidge…Florida 1990

418: Dan Brown Contest day Tom Groholski’s backyard. New Jersey

invert   Dan Brown (not sure)

Dan Brown at Tom Groholski’s on Contest Day.

Photo Deitz Bruthas

Jason Oliva

Maybe Bernie can confirm that this is indeed Dan Brown (I for one hope so because it will mean adding about the 185th! skater to our all important archive) Also if you are on the deck in this picture send me an email!!


I love all the stuff my brother Ken has sent you.  I haven’t seen this stuff in years so its cool seeing it on the site.  I can ID the following people on the deck:

Far left, brown sweat shirt, white helmet              John Aires  (from PA/MD ?)

On the extension (left to right)                            Jeff Jones (in Variflex gear)
                                                                       Jim “Outlaw” Murphy
                                                                       Steve Herring

Steve Deitz

PS  The skater is definately Dan Brown chucking either an invert or one of his extended layback airs

417: Chris Miller Planet Earth 1991

416: Tom Groholski’s Ramp Contest Day NJ 80’s

Toms-Groholksi's ramp Dietz
Tom Groholski’s Ramp Contest Day NJ Circa the 80’s

Jason Oliva
Gonna be away till next week which means (I miss out on using my Bouncing Souls backstage passes for London…aaaarrrgh..Thanks for getting them for me WIG!) everyone will have to wait to see some serious pics from Tom’s backyard. For those of you who have had an idea of what this abstraction of ramp reality looked like, wait no longer! (or at least till next week) All secrets will be revealed in these Dietz Brutha pics! Also thanks and cheers to all the people who have hit me up over here:


Means a ton!


415: C is for Kapten… John Ballon/Barn

John Ballon invert

Captain John Ballon Barn NJ 

Photo Dietz Bruthas

Captain n.

1. Abbr. Capt. One who commands, leads, or guides others, especially: 

a. The officer in command of a ship, an aircraft, or a spacecraft.
b. A precinct commander in a police or fire department, usually ranking above a lieutenant and below a chief.
c. The designated leader of  a team (steam) or a crew in sports.