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464: Blaize Blouin: Rasta Ramp and Farm Ramp

Blaize Blouin Rast Ramp

Circa ?

Photo MC

I received this picture sometime  ago and was convinced that I had posted it in the archive. I checked and realised I had added a video to youtubeskate.com but not into THOS itself. So here is a great shot of BB and that youtubeskate.com video from 1988.


435: Andy Kessler: GRANDMASTER of 108, Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Avatar Jason Oliva

Feel free to express yourself , drop some memories or condolences in the comment section. If there is anything you would like to add do not hesitate to email me.



Here is a great video sent over by Juice Magazine there is a great segment were Andy talks about his work with Jim Murphy and Wounded Knee.

andy kessler montauk aug 14 2009

Celebrating the Life of Andy Kessler
Ditch Plains Beach, Montauk
August 14, 2009

Photo Michael Rovnyack, MJRPhoto.net

Special thanks to Irene Ching for this.

Andy Kessler

Andy Kessler Riverside Park, NYC 1979

Tom Groholski  Tony Squindo Andy  Kessler NYC

Tom Groholski, Glenn E. Freidman, and Any Kessler NYC 2008

Photo by Tony Squindo

Tom G interview juice Magazine

Andy Kessler Deathbowl to Downtown

Andy Kessler Deathbowl to Downtown

Andy Kessler Harry Jumongi Rodney Smith

The Kings of NY: Harry Jumonji, Rodney Smith and Andy Kessler

Photo Derek Rinaldi

344: The Legendary Raging Lamos live at CBGB’s NYC


Stevie “D” on Guitar/Vocals

Dr. K on Bass/vocal

Billy “The Kid” Shwarz on Skins

…The Raging Lamos rehearsing in NJ (late 80’s)


It looks like WordPress has given me the power to include audio in the archive so what better way to test it out then to pass along this opener from a Raging Lamos gig at CBGB’s NYC (not sure of the date)  If you want more RL’s let me know in the comment section.



01-Raging Lamos-live-at-cbgbs-1

340: Padulo’s first quarterpipe 1980(yikes) NJ Matt Padulo dusting off the Cobwebs at Skatetime 209


Dave Padulo on their first ramp NJ 80’s

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Five sheets of plywood and several cords of firewood? I believe skate architecture has evolved into  more economic designs than this but hey it was all uncharted territory back then…you had to skate what you could build. 


That’s me in freakin 1980 man!  London Calling, Freedom of Choice, Back In Black all just released into the world.  Hard to believe they were ever “new”.  Like us I guess. 


Checkout Matt today back in the saddle skating away with Dave and his Nephews up and down the East Coast.


336: Another lunchtime session: Bernie O’Dowd Wreckroom Skateboards


OK its official in my book, Bernie and Corn have got the life!

Go checkout Wreckroom, I hear there is a new Darren “Moose” Menditto board.


331: Tag at the Rumble

Dan Tag Rumble in Ramona



This just in!! Too cool. Buy the Dan Tag Wreckroom Signature model!!



309: Darren “Moose” Menditto FDR circa 1996

Darren Menditto FDR circa 96


Rob Mertz found this gem of Team Steams own pulling a powerful frontside invert in Philly. Check out Darrens Wreckroom board!!



Lotta Barn shots from the Padulo Brothers coming soon!!