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466: Mike Vallely ollies over Google and Youtube


I am a bit of a geek  so this was cool to see a bit into the Google NYC office. Notice those razor scooters lined up at the door for people to use…they need to leave some skates as well. I would have preferred to see Mike ollie one of the computers, possibly a Colecovision ADAM.


391: The Best Skateboard Tricks Ever I, II & III

Jason Oliva

Well they are the best street skating tricks ever at least…man skating has come along way. Honestly if I could do anything from this video I wouldnt tell a single soul I was a skateboarder. I would look em in the eye and say I was an honest to goodness Dare F’ing Devil.

Gotta dig the G-n-R too.

Happy Easter


340: Padulo’s first quarterpipe 1980(yikes) NJ Matt Padulo dusting off the Cobwebs at Skatetime 209


Dave Padulo on their first ramp NJ 80’s

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Five sheets of plywood and several cords of firewood? I believe skate architecture has evolved into  more economic designs than this but hey it was all uncharted territory back then…you had to skate what you could build. 


That’s me in freakin 1980 man!  London Calling, Freedom of Choice, Back In Black all just released into the world.  Hard to believe they were ever “new”.  Like us I guess. 


Checkout Matt today back in the saddle skating away with Dave and his Nephews up and down the East Coast.


263: The Almighty Sean Miller!!

Sean Miller Mellon to fakie jason oliva the house of steam

Sean Miller Mellon to Fakie

Like This!

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Ok chime in here with the who, what, where, an whens. Lets here some thoughts about Sean for the Archive. Please send any pictures to Jasonoliva@gmail.com


  1. Ben Miller Says:
    November 20, 2007 at 2:50 am I’m Sean’s brother Ben Miller. I’ve recently discovered this site. I appreciate the memories on this web site. Sean will always be missed by those who knew him. I live on with the attitude he displayed in his vert days challenging myself to a military career and battling terrorist. Team Steam and its members was definately a part of my growing up and made me what I am today. Rick Charno and TAG were awesome guys to shred with. To all old friends I can be reached at fastbenny@aol.com
  1. Madison Miller Says:
    November 20, 2007 at 4:01 am eI am Madison Miller, Sean’s niece. I never got the chance to meet my uncle, but it is always special to me to hear of his legacy. My dad is always sharing memories of their wild times together and I love to see old pictures and footage of those days.

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236: New Jersey Skate Legend JT Murphy. Films by Jeff Roenning 1990

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Ummmm? These are priceless!

Is that Lake Riviera and the 78 ditch I spy in the first one.

I am going on a holiday next week so I figure I will leave these up till I return, see how many comments we generate.

Ps Corn we need to see the JT 80’s skate demo!

Nice one Jeff, keep em rolling in!!


JT MURPHY 1990 16MM Film Jeff Roenning

JT MURPHY 16mm Film Jeff Roenning