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430: The House of Steam – Year three!!

Groholski at home Padulo Brutha oic

Tom Groholski at Home NJ circa 1984? 

Photo by The Padulo Brutics!

Avatar Jason Oliva

So on July 20th THOS turned three years old. Crazy to think I have been living with this thing that long in two different countries as well. It has been a great year from my vantage point it seems there has been no downturn in the brotherhood sector of the economy. A high water mark is obviously Jim Murphy being recognized for his charitable/skate endeavors but along with that I have my eye on a lot of other seeds that have been planted and people tied to this community seem to be gravitating towards one another with results to follow. So THOS continues on into year 4 – keep the pics and stories flowing and I promise to keep it all moving so no one will ever have time to hang a sign on us.

Cheers, My Bruthas and Sistas!


Ps How sick is that photo of Tom! Nice one Dave!

340: Padulo’s first quarterpipe 1980(yikes) NJ Matt Padulo dusting off the Cobwebs at Skatetime 209


Dave Padulo on their first ramp NJ 80’s

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Five sheets of plywood and several cords of firewood? I believe skate architecture has evolved into  more economic designs than this but hey it was all uncharted territory back then…you had to skate what you could build. 


That’s me in freakin 1980 man!  London Calling, Freedom of Choice, Back In Black all just released into the world.  Hard to believe they were ever “new”.  Like us I guess. 


Checkout Matt today back in the saddle skating away with Dave and his Nephews up and down the East Coast.


313: And it was all probably just a random Wednesday night at The Barn:Part 1

Hey Jason-
Congrats on 2 years and 100,000 + Hits.  Hopefully these shots will ring in year 3 with a bang.  I swear, my parents basement is the gift that just keeps giving.  I’d been looking for these shots forever, and my Dad finally stumbled across the negatives burried in a box.  I had them developed and they were better than I remembered.  I originally scanned in one or two to send your way but I just couldn’t whittle them down so I figured I send them all. Rocky doing a HUGE indy air, Tag just tearing up the place, Jay Henry’s egg plant, Steve Manion’s invert, Jimmy Kane chuckin’ one of his famous and stylish backside airs, Jimmy Murphy’s gnarly no-pads front side grind, Corn dorking it up on the platform and a few shots of me.  My bro was so psyched to see the photos and so bumbed he was’t at that session! And it was all probably just a random Wednesday night at The Barn.  Good times.
Dave Padulo
Jason Oliva The House of Steam
Too cool Dave!!
Im not gonna do too much commenting here but everyone who has ever seen Rocky skate has seen his crazy huge indy airs. Also that is Steve Mannion looking on from the couch Im sure Dennis can name check the rest of the folks. Anyone wanna take a stab at the year, Im betting 86. More to come in this series. Thanks again to the Padulo Bruthas!
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