21: Edgewood, Maryland a must stop on every road trip to Cedar Crest


Edgewood Maryland 1986. At the top of the park is Dan Tag, Jim Murphy, and Darren Menditto.

photographs jason oliva
This was my first of several road trips to Cedar Crest Country Club in Virginia. We took Dan’s car (it was big and old) Darren and I where not old enough to drive so that was left to Murph and Tag (17 at the time). Murph led us to this spot and I dont remember ever going to C.C.C.C. with out stopping here.

From what I recall Edgewood was a 70’s skatepark (behind a gas station) that was eventually closed because a skater died. It was crazy steep and one continuous run, it had moments of vert and spots to grind. There where no platforms so if you went out it was over the cliff for you(seriously) . It sported cracks as thick as your forearm and ten million pebbles that could stop a skateboard in its tracks. Needless to say it was sketchy and gnarley and Murph road with out any pads…or a shirt.

I have lots of pics to post from this trip.Tag, Darren and Murph killed at C.C.C.C. (I mostly took pictures and pulled and invert or two) I think we stayed with Micro or one of the locals with a colorful name. Before leaving Murph traded a pair of Texas pads for a car (…really) off of some kid who lived on a farm. We got about 3 hours North on our trip back to New Jersey and the newly aquired “Murphmobile” died. Murph abandoned it on the highway (right after paying a toll, coulda saved a buck if it died alittle sooner) him and Darren jumped back in the Tagmobile and we headed home.

Coming soon…action shots from Edgewood and CCCC

Jason Oliva

Edgewood Two phot jason oliva 1986

Edgewood 1986 photo jason oliva

Edgewood three photo jason oliva

Edgewood 1986 photo jason oliva

jason oliva


East Coast Pride Groholski The House of Steam Jason Oliva


66 thoughts on “21: Edgewood, Maryland a must stop on every road trip to Cedar Crest

  1. rob

    edgewood is in maryland. a state that borders virginia. both which sided with the cofederate army in the civil war. the park was hands down punk and one of the most unique things to skate on the eastern seaboard. it actually scared the shit out of you while still being fun as hell.

  2. Eric Gregory

    wow, I’ve been searching for photos of edgewood for a long time.
    I grew up down the street from this park, and skated there nearly everyday from 1986-1991 when it was torn down. I don’t believe anyone died there, the story we all knew was that a BMX kid broke his leg, his parents sued and part of the settlement, the park had to be torn down. I believe I was in 11th grade at the time, when I got a phone call from one of my friends right after school to get up there because bulldozers where tearing it down. I arrived about 15 minutes later, where about 15-20 locals stood there and threw rocks from the gravel parking lot at the bulldozer drivers, until we almost got our asses beat. the park right now is mostly broken up, and some kind of giant dumpster storage area.
    Alot of us started going to landsdowne after that, but that park is no where near as rad, every lip at edgewood was heavily grinded, and most lipslideable, too. In some of thse pics above, some areas are filled in with dirt, from a previous attempt by the ownwers to make it unskateable. In the last year or two it was there, we all pulled together, rented a bobcat, a water pump, and alot bunch of wheel barrows.
    A 4 or 5 ft. deep dish bowl area was cleared, the nasty water pumped out of the bowl, and a snake run to ditch connection cleared out, along with some stolen parking blocks brought in and stategicly placed.

    It’s funny to see those pictures of Murphy because I remember those guys showing up once in a while and going off. I particularly remember them having Fred smith with them a few times, because he was the first non-biker I ever met to have full sleeves tattooed on them, (I later became a tattoo artist, and work at little vinnies westside tattoos, which was home to the pool in the fruit of the vine skating film.)

    Alot of names I remember from skating there were Eric Griffen, Daylan, Pee Wee (Chris Levi), Chris Donato, Greg Bugian (SP?), Adam and Seth Ciferri, the Foster Bros. (BMX pros), Buckey Lasek, Jason Dodson, Scott Ingrasia, Mark Singleton, Dudes that rode for Reach for the Beach and Sports Elite, Rudy and some early black label dudes, and Tom Groholski-who gave me a set of vision wheels because I had a flat spot in mine and he said my board was too noisy. The picture of that day ended up in TWS. I’d like to find a back issue of that.
    I have a few pics of that park, nobody famous skating it of anything, and would love to track down some video, I used to see people filming there so it has to exist.
    Eric Gregory

  3. seth c

    wow.. i remember distinctly when murph and co. showed up for that alva demo in abingdon md.

    after the demo, everyone hit edgewood bowl, then for some reason, went to joppatowne. we all got food and drinks at my parent’s house, and then made off for landsdowne, if i recall correctly….

    im pretty sure a visit with rudy castello was the reason for the trip into j-towne. that had to have been in the late 80’s. damn.. almost 20 yrs. shit.

    RIP edgewood bowl.

  4. Zig

    Oh man…Edgewood Bowl. I loved that place. Yeah, I have some video footage tucked away somewhere. I’ll have to see if I can dig it out. No one, and I mean no one can actually appreciate how gnarly that park was unless you had actually been there. Brad Jezek and I used to skate it every chance we could get and he was one of the hands down rulers of the place. He was the only person I ever saw actually carve the entire bowl while it was still filled with the giant cracks, sewage water, and trash.
    – Zig

  5. Erik Griffin

    WOW… Whassup Seth, Zig, Eric…This is Erik Griffin. I am getting old now! What’s up to all my fellow friends of Edgewood Bowl… I still have a piece of the park in my garage. I saw it the other day too and then found this while surfing at work… I’m still in Maryland.. drop me a line sometime erik.griffin@comcast.net… we used to live at Edgewood and hit there almost every day… we dug it out for months… Brad with the big trash pump… pumped it dry. We had it looking sweet at the end of her days… going to my old ramp before and after days at the parks… those were the days… EMG

  6. Brad Jezek

    Team Chaos!!! Hells yeah those were the days. Seems not so long ago all we had to worry about was where we were going to skate next. Now its where can I fly next. I have been layed up for a few months from Speedflying off the top of Glory Bowl. Broken hand, foot, and tailbone. Ouch!!! Been flying Tandem Paragliding flights at Teton Village and skating when I can. Really need to catch up with you boys sometime. Skated with TG, Clarkson, and Layton not too long ago. Edgewood Bowl. Our own little world for a little while. Never forget it….Brad

  7. John K.

    Man I miss that place… I can’t help but take a look everytime I cross that stretch of Route 40 – hoping that the bowl has suddenly repaired and regrown itself.

  8. Tim

    NOW I find this blog (2 years later) haha. This was the first park I ever skated at the tender age of 9 in 1987. My dad who worked at APG used to bring me there despite it being filled with dudes who, to my young eyes, were the hardest motherfuckers I’d ever seen. I’ll never forget how rough and sketchy the whole place was, and the snakeruns on either side were steep and cracked as all hell. Every time I went there, somebody shot their board into the water in the big bowl. powerEDGE skate magazine did an interview with Murf and had a picture of him doing a smith or something like that on one of the lips and that, until today, was the only picture i’d ever seen of the park. My family used to live in Edgewood in the 70’s and my brother told me the park used to be called something like Starlight or Spacelight Skatepark or something when it first opened. He also said it closed down really soon after opening. Can anyone verify any of that?

    I’d personally like to see every single pic everyone has of this place. I thought my memory of the Edgewood bowl was pretty exaggerated, but it looks pretty much just like I remember.

  9. Erik Griffin

    So, I heard from Zig in SC and from Brad… man, I didn’t forget… I’m gonna be diggin up the few pics I have of the bowl… I have a few… Hope all the ones who loved the place get some benefit outta it… I remember I actually cried when she was taken from us… It was a big part of the life. And, Brad is right. We didn’t do much but skate and go to another place to skate. Floor space and a lil gas $ was all it took to put us back on the road. We traveled a ton to kate and knew quite a few people from all over… holy hell thems was good times… TEAM CHAOS coming back atcha! My brother’s still got his little skate Co. out in San Fran too (Roughneck is one of them and 13 Blocks is the other one I think)… anywho… will post pics soon as I get em out, scan em and send to Jason…


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  11. Jeremy Wysocki

    Man I remember this place. Everyone used to skate there. I remember sometime in the early 80’s the Powell team stopped by and tore it up. Lots of memories there. I think John Allen and I would go there 3-4 times a week. Its a shame they tore it up. I have since moved to Fl but I took my son there 2 years ago and was shocked. The place was a good place for kids togo and be active. I remember Seth and Adam, Scott Maza, Bucky great times.

  12. Scott Ingrassia

    WOW – too many names from this are hitting me at once. People I thought I’d never see again. Fella’s if you’re not on Facebook take a minute and get on so you can reconnect. Edgewood was my home, doogin the lip on top of the bowl itself filled with shopping carts, sludge and pointy shit that could go right through you. Skating over “Rad Rick” hoping you didn’t lose your board in that shit. Best of all those was hanging out with everyone, skating all day, living on $2 and that got you a Gallon of Juice and a couple of tasty cakes. Now, Married, 3 kids, happy and getting older. Miss it all man – Rest in Peace Edgewood Bowl – they can’t take away the Memories…TEAM B.O.B. Boys ON Boards!!! PEACE.

  13. Mark Singleton

    Edgewood Bowl…..spent many days at the bowl with Scott, Adam, Seth, Eric, Greg B. and PeeWee….Good times!! I’ve skated many other spots and none were as rad the edgewood. Skating the snake runs, avoiding the cracks and pebbles hopeing not to loose your boarding in water. I remember many trying to fish out their boards with a shopping cart tied to the end of an old garden hose….usally came up empty. I’ve got a few old pictures and maybe some video somewhere? RIP Edgewood Bowl!!! TEAM B.O.B.

  14. keith furrow

    WOW,mark just forwarded this 2 me. its so sick 2 see pics. i now live in huntington beach,ca and still sk8 (alot harder these days). its crazy but these cali kids r spoiled rotton with spots. i have 5 to 7 backyardpools at sk8rs houses in a15mile radious from my house alone. not one of them can compare 2 edgewood sk8park! i’ve tried explaining 2the guys i ride with how knarly it was thanks 2 u guys i now have pics! sludgebowl R.I.P. thanks 4 all the great mems.

  15. jason middleton

    hell yeah grew up in da wood… the bowl was the spot we loved!!! haven’t been to edgewood since 91. my family moved in 88 to reisterstown then, i remember team white fish aswell… assholes… but the bowl was the best spot to skate in the wood!!!! Zeke’s boutique cross 40 in the giant’s parking lot… RIP ZEKE aka full moon saloon, bmore fells point. i remember joey ripped the bowl, so did Lamar!!!
    never forget the bowl!!!

  16. Jonathan Sipes

    Man oh Man this brings back memories. Not so much the pictures, but being called an asshole. I still have my whitefish tattoo. It’s good to see EMG is still around. His ramp was always rad too. And Edgewood still owns more of my skin than any other spot.

  17. Tyler Morrow

    Hey I clicked on your page by luck on yahoo while searching for something completely unrelated but I am very happy that I did, You have just earned yourself another subscriber. 🙂

  18. Patrick Nugent (Nugget)

    What about some love for the guys on bikes up there? God,what an awesome place. It was the best because there was never any bad blood between skates and bikes back in those days. I remember Keith, Balls, Pee Wee, and Ingrassia (360) whiling away the days with us bikers with “I can do that” contests. Bike tricks on boards and vice versa. So many good times there.

    I have video of some of us bikers and Balls is in it. I screen capped a lot of stills from it too. If anyone is interested, email me.


    I was one of the ones throwing rocks at the dozers. I took a slab of concrete home myself…

    I live in Ohio now, but I drive by there every time I am back in Md. Man, do I miss that place.

  19. Tom V Gill

    i got to ride there one time but i dont think all of it was there that place coild have been bad ass now a days with a few bag of Quikrete and a few nands but was a cool spot save the old concrete skate /bike park

  20. bobby strong

    remember ripping front and backside grinds all thru that bitch,blasting ollies ,no handed blunts,hella crew everyone was ripping,skate pro’s there now and then ,Alva dudes ,bl

    1. mark singleton

      Hey Greg….how’s it going? Been forever and a day, so you still in MD? Definitely had some good times skating edgewood!! would be great to get in touch and catch up.

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  43. Seth Ciferri

    well, this discussion sure took a weird turn.
    miss that place and all you dudes. Scott, Greg, Mark, Eric, Keith, Erik, Brad, PeeWee, Adam… the whole fucking crew. let me know when there’s a reunion session at lansdowne and im there.

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