80: Matt Klein’s NJ Ramp circa 1987: Team Steam session caught on Super 8


Jason Oliva Mute Air Matt Klein’s Ramp New Jersey circa 1987

photo Michael Pruskowski


Jason Oliva Mute air Matt Klein’s Ramp New Jersey 1987

Matt Klein, Watchung Hills regional skate academy graduate and current brother in law to Team Steam’s Rocky Vertone. His ramp wasn’t the biggest but it had vert , a nice layer and the Klein’s hospitality.

Ben Cornish captured this brief session at Kleins in 1987-88. Trolling through his super 8 video clips it looks like we all left McDowalls (it needed a new layer at the time I think) and went to Matt’s. We were a homeless (Barn was done with I think) crew of Steam riders. A bunch of pasty skinned vampires spoiled from year round indoor skating never seeing daylight.

I do remember The Captain John Ballon sitting this session out in protest of the ramps size. In Johns defense…he was huge and skated fast and big he was probably concerned the ramp itself would run for the hills the second he dropped in. Bernie sat out as well in some kind of solidarity with The Cap but mostly to get us to move on quicker(although I later rode Klein’s with Bernie and he killed the place)

I also believe that Steve Mannion didn’t have a board or pads with him and may be skating with Corn’s stuff ( I could be wrong about this one) I think he is wearing his stage pants for lord’s sake! Regardless lookit Starvin Eddie go!!!

Oh yeah…Nice run Jimmy.

Thanks Corn!!!

Jason Oliva


Bernie O’Dowd and Chris WEEP Blank Dorkin Around circa 1987
Super 8 footage by Ben Cornish

Team Steam at Matt Klein’s New jersey Circa 1987
Super 8 from Ben Cornish

jason oliva




5 thoughts on “80: Matt Klein’s NJ Ramp circa 1987: Team Steam session caught on Super 8

  1. Matt Klein

    Awesome!! Stoked to see the ramp up here. These were some of the best times in my life. I was just a wee little 7th grader back then and it was always rad to come home from Middle School to find a line of cars and and a bunch of dudes in my driveway.

    This ramp was a gift from my parents for actually getting Bar Mitzvahed. See religion does come in handy every once in a while. These pics are interesting because they reflect both incarnations of my ramp. Originally, The Milburn Sports center built this ramp because I could not be trusted with power tools. So with that in mind, the bottom picture shows the ramp in its original state…9 Feet tall, 8 feet of flat and rubbery/plastic coping. The top pic was after the ramp was “Steam-a-tized”. I think it was Rocky and Weep that convinced me to let you all tear off the coping and replace it with metal. Once side was like 2 inch pipe and the other was 100 year old cast iron well piping that we found in the woods. Shortly after the coping was replaced Fraz, John Klotz, Joey S and I added another 4 feet of flat to the ramp by cutting it in half, propping one wall up on logs and then dragging it back with ropes. It seemed to be the same method the Egyptians used to drag limestone for the pyramids except they weren’t doing it in the rain or fueled by a case of White Castle Burgers. I am glad to see the ramp represented here and I am also happy if it generates any other good memories for all of you.


  2. Taylor

    I remember locking into grinds on the big pipe at Kleins – I still think that was the best pipe coping I ever skated.

    I remember cutting school once and speeding down Old Stirling Rd. when I passed a cop. I hit the gas & crossed Reiman and ditched down the Klein’s long driveway until I thought the coast clear. – What hospitality – a good ramp and a hiding spot from the man!

  3. Matt Klein


    The Nova graced my driveway on many occasions. I think Fraz’s Samurai and your Nova were there the most. I wish I had footage of Fraz grinding the Samurai across the isosceles at the high school.


  4. Kevin McDowall

    Nice picks of Klein’s ramp, absolutely love Corn’s movie also. We still have quite a few ramps that are not represented. Come on people you know the photos exist.


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