492: My Inbox: Dennis Kane, Jay Henry, Graven Image…1984

From: “Jason Oliva” <jasonoliva@gmail.com>
Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2010 4:46 AM
To: “Dennis Kane” <thekanes13@>
Cc: “Jay Henry” <johnmarshallhenry@>
Subject: Re: Where is Jay?

Jay send us some info…lets post this gothic gem!!


On 30 Jan 2010, at 00:18, Dennis Kane wrote:

Hey Jay,
What’s up bro.  I have been wanting to thow this pic. into the mix.  I have almost no Jay Henry pics. in my album.  You kept them all very close to your heart.  But you gave me this one and I know it was considered poor quality, so you let it go.  It looks as if it was developed in a home made or school dark room and it “burned.”  I think you told me that this was from down south before you moved back home.  I tried to mess with my scanner to get it to lighten up.
Dennis<Jay Mute Air.jpg>

from John Henry <johnmarshallhenry@>
to Jason Oliva <jasonoliva@gmail.com>,
Dennis Kane <thekanes13@>
date Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 9:10 PM
subject Re: Where is Jay?
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Joey Boisineau’s Ramp – RVA – circa 1984

The picture from Dennis is from Joey’s Ramp in RVA. This was the first vert ramp I skated in Richmond after starting school there a few months earlier. I was originally taken there by the Late/Great Duane Curd (singer for Graven Image, Joey played drums for them) and later started getting rides from the one and only Chip Jones. This was pre-Tracker days for me, as you can see by my Gullwing trucks on the tuck knee handplant attached. Chip took that photo, and when we got them back he laughed so hard and said “Man look at your feet, no one would ever believe you landed that” – oh but I did ladies and gentlemen, I did. I wasn’t totally sure that the mute air from Dennis was at Joey’s, but you can see the same black mark on the coping in both pictures. This ramp was 24 feet wide, and at one point before it’s demise, we had actually layered that thing in fiberglass…no comment. I skated there a lot, and really started to get some of my tricks wired, and advance my skating. It should be noted that this is also the ramp that I broke my ankle/leg on, almost breaking the foot of the end of my leg, while never even falling off the board until after it happened. I’ve also attached a backside boneless, ENJOY!!!


2 thoughts on “492: My Inbox: Dennis Kane, Jay Henry, Graven Image…1984

  1. Joey B

    Remember the first time you skated with Steve Schick at my ramp.
    You bailed, board landed on the deck by Steve.
    He yelled “You want it up or down”
    You yelled “down” and motioned for him to send down to you.
    He chucked it off the back of the deck behind the ramp.

    1. jasonoliva Post author

      Wow that all seems vaguely familiar and funny too. I usually defer to Taylor to help me remember things like this..he is the mental pack rat, probably could tell you what t-shirts we had on.


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