491: Power Edge Magazine: “The Movie”

I dug Power Edge magazine. Sometimes Thrasher tried to be too punk and sometime Transworld was too corporate and then there was Power Edge, right in the middle. Any magazine from back in the day that would put photos of your friends in print (even with bad grammar and misspellings) especially if they were The Captain and Berne seemed all right by me. So now its 2010 and they have made a film and I say having only viewed the trailer once….Im with PE…whatever they say! Starting in 1987 they shined the light in places other were’nt…. so hats off to em in 2010 I hope this is a big hit for’em.

pssst click the picture


3 thoughts on “491: Power Edge Magazine: “The Movie”

  1. DennisK

    Dave, Try Lee (RatSkates) Kundrat. He was from your neck of the woods. He has some photos that I’ve been bugging him for. Maybe if enough of us hound him, he’ll spit ’em out.


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