360: Chris “Dune” Malik Pastras…Great photo by Todd Laffler


Dune World Trade Center NYC circa “back in the day”

Photo by Todd Laffler

Jason Oliva

Great photo.Maybe one of the all time great skate photos. Todd Laffler is good at creating Iconic images..couple things I dig here, Dune is one of my favorite books(admittedly unrelated) also this is my old neighborhood and I can smell the Krispy Kreme donuts just off camera to the right and another is I couldn’t do a g turn (I must admit I could barely do a lower case i turn) to save my life let alone a knee scraping stylish one including such a dramatic and iconic back drop…well done. As far as Dune goes? … chime in and  tell everyone about him and his skating and Stereo Sound Agencyness

Here is a cool piece written by an old friend Derek Rinaldi for the Stereo Sound Agency Blog

The Art of Chris Pastras Then and Now


3 thoughts on “360: Chris “Dune” Malik Pastras…Great photo by Todd Laffler

  1. Todd Laffler

    Hey Jason. Thanks for posting this for us! I used to skate with Dune “back in the day”. I lived pretty close to him and we used to skate in Metuchen NJ (where he lived at the time). We used to hit a place called the Golf Banks pretty hard. It was this really cool paved embankment with parking blocks all along the top. In fact If I remember correctly, they put the parking blocks there one day to try and stop us from skating there. Ironically it had the opposite effect! I think I have some potentially embarrassing footage of dune singing Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” while tic-tacing around there too. Don’t worry Dune, I’ll keep that one under my cap! I also remember hitting Cheap Skates a lot with Dune and Woody. Many fond memories going there in 89/90. One day I will try to find some time and dig out all my old footage of the Shut guys ripping it up!

  2. PVO

    Chris(DUNE)Pastras is probably on Wiki with more then I can add. He is tied to starting Stereo skateboard company inthe early 90’s and then restarted in early 2000 after a break. I believe he started Stereo with Jason Lee back in the day.

    Today he can be seen regularly on Fuel TV as a correspondant:


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