274: Noside Posse, New Jersey 23 years ago, Mike Vallely, Derek Rinaldi and Mike Spotte…


Back when I started skating no one videotaped anything ever. We just skated and did what we did, not for any other reason except that we had to. Very little of my early days on a skateboard were ever documented and whatever was documented didn’t always survive. Now, some 23 years later this VHS tape surfaces of me and my friends skating on a winter’s day back in 1985 and man is it refreshing. These were crucial times; before I was sponsored, before I started traveling the world, before I turned pro. This video shows me and my friends skating for the pure love and excitement of it all. Just a bunch of punks having fun in the shit hole towns of Woodbridge, New Brunswick and Edison, NJ.


Mike V

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Not gonna say much here except thanks Mike for sharing. An old school vid with all The House of Steam’s favorites: You, Derek and Mike Spotte..too cool!!

Special thanks to Larry Ransom for all his contributions and support of The House of Steam, you rule brutha!

For more NoSide New Jersey pre Shut ripper history check out the “NoSide” category in the archive

Ps. Mannn that car reminds me of the “Weeper Wagon”


Here are some Pre-Shut rippers in Don’s basement, if you recognize yourself tell me in the comment section.

5 thoughts on “274: Noside Posse, New Jersey 23 years ago, Mike Vallely, Derek Rinaldi and Mike Spotte…

  1. jake egolf, dehls inc

    urban 80’s east coast street skating at it’s best. Street plants rule !the beat up wagon with skate stickers is classic too, great one mike

  2. Tommy Y

    Did a search on NoSide simply because a little skate rat outside my house was wearing a NoSide shirt. I grew up in the area and have skated the “NoSide” banks a number of times and had the oporatunity to skate with Mike on occasion. It sucks getting old and forgetting what made you happy.

  3. milo janus

    Wow, what a great vid. Thanks for posting. I grew up down the shore but can relate to this era. A few years later, it was a real treat seeing Mike at the Eatontown Roller RInk on Sunday nights. Occasionally he’d make an appearance and do his thing – doing methods off the launch ramp touching the ceiling with his hand, rail slide the side walls, and ollie over everything.

    I’m five minutes from Rutgers…I just might have to go to the river dorms this weekend!

  4. Don Bruno

    Yes this is me,Don Bruno and yes,that is my basement and Shogun figures!

    I can’t tell you how bewildering it is to stumble randomly upon this blog.Mike Vallely,Kevin Hartel (pictured in the first photo) and I would hold many a session in my basement during Edison Winters.I actually partly blame that basement for being the reason I compound-fractured my arm later that year,since I would jump that ramp and kept weakening my left arm by stopping myself against the wall when I ran out of room (haha)!

    I remember we each took turns taking pictures of ourselves since inverts were so new and we had no one in town to learn from,except the odd Mark Gonzales Venture ad.Who uploaded those pics? Was it Mike Spotte?

    I remember the video and the day when Derek and his crew came up from the South with a video camera.Video cameras weren’t too handy in Edison at that time.I was kind of out of it and giggly that day,so many skaters! That was the first big skate session of that whole scene!

    Derek Rinaldi had the best hand flip aerials I’ve ever seen.Mike and I saw him in-flight in Seaside one day and looked at each other as if we discovered a long lost brother,skaters were very few.Years later in the same Seaside/Point Pleasant area,I saw Derek ollie 10-12 boards length-wise one night as 25+ skate rats looked on.Rodney Smith was another one that was way rad.

    Oh,the stories! Mike Vallely,Kevin and I were best friends and Mike and I actually shared his first board (the red Jeff Phillips) until I’d received mine weeks later.

    I still talk to Mike,(last night,in fact,about his role in Paul Blart:Mall Cop).Needless to say,it’s great to see how much success he’s had over the years.It would be way rad to get in contact with Derek Rinaldi and Mike Spotte somehow.I also hung out with Dune/Chris Pastras and Kevin alot up to the early 00’s.Kevin went on tour with my band,Loose in 1992.A highlight was when the Gonz stayed at Kevin’s crash pad,(New Brunswick) and then mine for awhile. Hanging with the Gonz here in New Brunswick,Edison and New York was a highlight of those years,without question.I skated North Brunswick HIgh School and the curb at the New Brunswick Grease Trucks quite often in 1992-94,if anyone from those days wants to give a holler.

    I skated pretty regularly until about 1995.Music and art were my other passions and that’s what I’ve been doing since.

    I have some interesting skate documents,I’ll try and produce some for this blog.

    It’s great to see this stuff.Keep it up!

    Don Bruno


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