426: The Misfits, Danzig Thrasher June 1986



Thrasher June 1986 Danzig

Jason Oliva

 Came across this gem amongst my stuff. (saw one sell for $31 on Ebay)  I only held onto Thrasher number 2, 4 and this one.

Our NJ Devil locked heros The Misfits ruled (past tense!) the only Misfits I know involve Jerry,Googy,Glenn and Doyle. Please ignore their modern controversy.

In the mid 80’s I would take the bus into NYC (Kwan,Weeps and sometime Corn in tow) and go to any and every hotel lobby comicbook convention. We would it all the NYC skate spots  then go shop for toys and comics at the conventions. There was always this old guy peddling monster mags and along with him behind the table was this short Roy Orbison looking dude (thats how we referred to him at least ) who would sell Japanese toys and mags, Astro Boy, Captain Harlock and the such. We ate that stuff up.  A couple years later after reading this issue of Thrasher we realized the Roy Orbison looking dude was actually Glen Danzig, the guy we were being all lippy too was Danzig!! I was worried for my skull, well at least I was a good customer and I thought that would keep me safe. When we saw him again we transformed into worshipping teens, so lame.  Anyway those were great time, Weep actually scored some tix to see him at the Ritz for The Mother video and later Doyle turned up at Tower records and gave us some pen light swag that was used to herald his new band “Doyle”…too funny (still have mine though!) 

Normally I dont write this much but today I did.


Detroit 1983



Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?




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