427: NJ High School Ditch, Weep & Corn, Tag, Rocky, Roenning circa 85 A Padulo Brothers Brigade film!


Hey Jason

SkateBoarding” Clip
That’s Tag to start. Looks like there a ton of people on the ground watching. Next is Rocky in the White Helmet. He always skated like Cab with that smooth style and crooked neck.  That’s Corn in the blue shirt and yellow helmet.  That’ Jeff Roenning in the white Zorlac shirt and yellow helmet. And I think thats weep sitting on the platform as Rocky chucks an air over his knees.  Next is Corn and Weeps at the Ditch. Corn said it’s the ditch by the highschool but I think it’s the one closer to Bridgewater on 78 East.  I could be wrong. This part kinda chokes me up watching it.  And then there’s the weird Kona part at the end. I know nothing about it.

The second part of the clip is at my ramp again and it’s Tag again.

I’m sure the people that did the original transfer just stuck it together with no rhyme or reason.  My folks still have the original film too.

Dave Padulo

Jason Oliva

Classic stuff! That is the ditch on route 78 across from Watchung Hills regional Highschool. 

Out the cafeteria (during lunch) and through the woods then it was just a quick  game of Frogger across 78 and you could skate for 15 minutes or so and have time to get back to class. Unless you went with Weep who would take one annoying long 15 minute run and leave you standing there to watch…Commmmmmaaaahhhhhhnnnnn WEEP!! enough already!…great times.

PS. The generic transfer music is too sad.


Jason Oliva and Weep Sciving off from school: High School Ditch NJ…86’ish

Photo Ben Cornish


8 thoughts on “427: NJ High School Ditch, Weep & Corn, Tag, Rocky, Roenning circa 85 A Padulo Brothers Brigade film!

  1. rocky

    Great footage… Wow! I can remember those sessions. The music is something that should be switched to some punk or metal or something… Way too weird and sad. Nice Dave.

  2. DennisK

    Weep had a famous barn T-shirt on. The perspective looking down the nose of a board about to drop in with the other trans and the roof and rafters. When it was completed, it was discovered that the drawing lacked the beams. So “no beams” was added.

  3. Taylor

    I have to agree with Corn, that’s the High School ditch. I thought the Scenic Overlook ditch was higher up and not so close to the highway. Great old footage.

  4. Brian

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I only recently found out about the route 78 ditch out towards the scenic overlook by somerville road. There is actually another ditch closer to watchung hills regional? I gotta find it, any info about this would be appreciated.

  5. Pellitteri

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