357: Looking for a place to skate vert in Arizona?… Tom Wagner

Tom Wagoner

Tom Wagner 2009

Hey Jason,
I thought I’d send you a shot of my ramp. Old school specs, Mike Mapp an old skate bud of mine sent me the plans for this a couple of years ago and it’s been done for over a year now. No one to skate with though. Nobody likes flat wall. Ha! Oh well I’m enjoying the hell out of it by my lonesome. Every once in awhile I get some Phoenix rippers up that enjoy an old vert ramp. If you’re ever in Az. Look me up! Plenty of concrete parks here and they’re all free.

Tom Wagner

Tom Wagner's ramp Arizona


My mate Tom Wagner  looks like he has a  great ramp sitting there. If you are looking for a place to skate in AZ hit me up and I will put you in touch with Tom.


15 thoughts on “357: Looking for a place to skate vert in Arizona?… Tom Wagner

  1. Will Sadler

    How can I find this gem? PLease hook me up…. BTW – Saw Phil Rouchard pull 6 McTwists in a row at OC Blue Ramp August 11, 1989………. Was chillin with Fred Smith that day too. I was 13 years old so I was pretty cool!!!!! Thanks! – Will S.

  2. Tom Wagner

    All are welcome to skate the ramp. I live in Chino Valley Az. If you’re familiar with Prescott Az., we’re about 20 miles north of Prescott. I’ve got some maintenance to do on the flat bottom, damn rain. Anyways, thank you Jason for posting the pic! Hey Will,if you make it back to Phx. Holler! We’re about 2 hours away from Phoenix.

    Tom W.

  3. David Zepp

    Hi Tom,

    Nice ramp. Looks a little like the ramp that I built with Jack and Steve Waddell and Paul Conley back in Nokesville, VA. Our’s had the channel on the one side. I remember that you used to come out with Alan Chaney and rip it up; before it burnt down. Fond memories. If I’m in Phoenix I’ll look you up.

    David Z.

    1. Aaron Strickler

      David Zepp? from JMU, Harrisonburg VA?
      This is Aaron, the high school kid you used to skate with and took to the beach.
      I live in Oakland CA now and still skate a bit and i finally learned to surf. I remember you and (Mike?) sitting on the beach and watching me eat shit over and over. If this is you, give me a call man. 510 395 6604

  4. Tom Wagner

    Howdy David, Jack and Steve Waddell,wow I wonder how those cats are doing. I remember that ramp in Nokesville, it wasnt there long. Fun times indeed. The Waddell brothers built another one next to their house we skated a bit. I remember Jack’s mom making us pick up trash before we could skate. We obliged. Ha! Definately holler at me David if and when you make it to Phx.!

  5. Casey

    I am a vert skater from Tucson and we just got a brand new park wit an 11 foot vert bowl, the bowl is great but I wanted to skate something more regulation like. And I was wondering if it was at all possible to see if you could set me up with a session, I would greatly appretiate it. Im also trying to get footage for our local shop video for Smileys Boardshop. Let me know. Thank you.

  6. Tom Wagner

    Well crud. The ramp is still in need of flat bottom re-skinning. Haven’t had time to work on it much, also had surgery on my right knee that I’m recovering from. As soon as I get it skateable again I will will contact you. Thank you Jason O. for the heads up!


  7. Anthony

    yo! im moving to arizona next week, i need some skatage! vert. anything along those lines.
    and im not talking about mini ramps:]

    anything above 9/ 10 feet!

    of course small tranny is funn too. hit me upp!

  8. Logan Pace

    Ramp looks great, We need Vert down here in Tucson. What are the specs on the ramp? My 10 yr old son is a ripper on Vert. We would love the opportunity to come skate if we are ever up your way. let me know how to contact you if we drive through.


  9. cole

    Hey i have a bunch of friends and were all just some kids from ages of 14 through 17 and i was wondering if we could come skate there sometime.


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