358: Jim Murphy Up for The Lenox Extra Mile Hero Award…Go Vote for Him!!

Jim Murphy Lenox

Jim Murphy / Stained Glass Restorer / Skateboarder
New York City , NY , USA
Selected Charity: Nibwaakaawin Foundation
Jim represents a unique combination of master craftsman, professional skateboarder, and philanthropist. Murf is always on the job. As one of America’s finest stained glass restorers, Murf works long and hard hours. One day he may be climbing scaffolding in the pouring rain to reach a church window while the next day he works until midnight in his studio to expertly repair a fragile art treasure. But it’s in his role as skateboarder that you really see Murf at work. As the founder of “Wounded Knee Skateboards,” Murf is committed to improving the lives of some of America’s poorest and vulnerable youth on the Lakota of the Pine Ridge reservation. Murf believes that skateboarding gives the youth of Pine Ridge an opportunity for healthy exercise and more importantly, skating with a Wounded Knee skateboard gives them a sense of cultural pride. Every skateboard that Murf builds features positive Native American images and an information card that gives a short history or biography about a key event or person in Lakota history. Recently, Murf formed the non-profit foundation Nibwaakaawin to bring the healthy and positive life lessons inherent in skateboarding to the entire Native American community. Each year, he helps Nibwaakaawin run and sponsor the All Nations Skate Jam, the largest and most prestigious Native American skateboard competition in America. Whether working hard with his hands or heart, Jim Murphy exemplifies the Extra Mile Hero.


Lets thank Kilwag over at Skate & Annoy for starting all the Murph voting. 

So not much to say really, Murph is doing great things and skaters should get behind him and his charitable work (Wounded Knee).

So click the VOTE above and Vote already!!

Jason Oliva



Jim Murphy.

When I started skating Jim Murphy was already a giant on the New Jersey skate scene. My friends and I idolized him and feared him — he ripped and he also scared the shit out of us. I skated with him at the Barn Ramp, Groholski’s and at the Riverbanks in New Brunswick. He ripped any and everything in his path and did it with his own signature aggressive style — no doubt I’ve borrowed from his approach in my own skating.

Jim is now up for the very prestigious Lenox Extra Mile Award for his charity work with American Indians.

You can read more about Jim and his nomination as well as link to the page where you can vote for him (which I encourage you to do) over at The House Of Steam.

Do it.

– Mike V




7 thoughts on “358: Jim Murphy Up for The Lenox Extra Mile Hero Award…Go Vote for Him!!

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  2. Todd Harder

    MURF rules!, Thanks for the support guys, Murf and Danforth help us run the All Nations Skate Jam in Albuquerque,NM April 25&26 2009. This is a national contest to help promote the positives of skating to our native youth! This contest will help both Murf and the Org. that runs the event! Go Murf Skaadush!

  3. jim murphy

    Hey everyone!
    Thanks for all this killer support! I am honored and blown away by all you have written and want to keep doing what I do
    To keep skateboarding alive for all those kids who may not get the chances we all have had to ride.
    thanks to the kanes for the barn ramp that provided so many people with so many good times! Team steam lives!


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