109: More Chris Miller in New Jersey Nose Bone Frontside air 1986


Chris Miller nose Bone Frontside Air Jeff Roennings Hillcrest Ramp New Jersey

photo Jeff Roenning

You know whats wrong with this picture?…..Not a damn thing!!

Another sic pic from Jeff Roenings Hillcrest ramp in New Jersey this place was like East Coast vert skatings Studio 54 in the 80’s….all the stars came out to ride.

I am working on a series of posts about Jeff’s ramps (all 8 of em) in New Jersey and all the folks who rode em…but for now I will just keep shuffling in these gems…

Thanks Jeff!

Also hello to all our new found friends from http://www.SkateDaily.net Chris and Bryce (dat”s right last name starts wit a “K”) are doing great things for the skate community and culture….check em out! I’ll give em a proper post explaining their radness soon.

jason oliva

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