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395: Cedar Crest Country Club: Dan Wharton


Got this great clip from John “Bubs” Bubniak he writes…

CCCC video of my old skating bud Dan Wharton… Love for you to post it.
Man, I miss the Crest… what a great ramp!.

Well here it is…
The skater is Dan Wharton, a great unknown skater from Woodbridge, VA. The music is off an early Agency 8 demo tape.

I totally dig the ass kicking unknown skaters …. Dan Wharton you are now officially just an ass kicking skater. Great shot of the Templified CCCC as well.

Nice one..

Jason Oliva

Sorry so slow I am on the move lately.


348: Bad Brains and Scream Live at The Cedar Crest Country Club

Bad Brains & Scream Cedar Crest Country Club

Bad Brains and Scream at: VA’s Cedar Crest Country Club Ramp

What is it with Bands and skating…especially great bands and skating. I remember the only time the Barn was darkened was because the Raging Lamos needed the power cord for a show they played in The Kanes basement. I guess it takes a band of the Bad Brains caliber to stop the riding at CCCC..wish I went…anyone at this show wanna chime in? Oh yeah and whatever happened to that guy named Dave that was the drummer of Scream? One day he was hanging out drinking at The Fox and Hounds next thing I know he left DC…I wonder if anything came his way…..


255: Just a random late afternoon winter session at Cedar Crest back in the day.

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Pete Furnee sent me this link. Troy Chasen and King Billy Connelly skating, according to the details.

If your skating in the vid leave us a comment!!

Nice one Pete.


182: The House of Tom: Tom Groholski Invert to Fakie CCCC Va

The House of Tom!! Tom Groholski at CCCC VA

Tom Groholski Invert to Fakie CCCC Va

Photo provided by Tom Groholksi

This is a tough one to work out. Its either a layback air or an invert to fakie. Tom killed both tricks…What do we think?

Jason,I think these are both tuck knee inverts to fakie… Straight up, boned out back leg, and straight back… So Sick.

Dennis Kane

tom groholski invert to fakie the house of steam

Tommy G Invert to Fakie Girl Ramp NJ 1987

Nice one Dennis…


Thanks to Chris and Bryce at Skatedaily.net for posting The House of Tom as a news event!!

jason oliva

East Coast Pride Groholski The House of Steam Jason Oliva

Thanks to Wendy and Tony for getting all this together…(Check out Squindo.net)

Squindo Skull The House of Steam

and Tom for the big Ole stamp of approval!!! You Rule!!


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East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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148: Henry Gutierrez 1986 AM Contest Trashmore VA

Henry Gutierrez Trashmore 86 jason oliva the house of steam

Henry Gutierrez Trashmore VA 1986 Am contest

Yep thats Trashmore (RIP) somewhere beneath Henry!

Been dying to get Henry G in the archive…thanks for the pic Derek!

Anyone else at this contest? Send some pics and details

jason oliva

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