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552: YouTubeSkate- Grant Brittain’s Skateboard Mag cover this month (May Issue 74) features a crazy photo of Andy MacDonald and Tony Hawk performing ‘Stacked Inverts” photo by Atiba Jefferson

Remember when looking at pictures of things like frontside hand plants made you scratch your head and think how did they get into that position…good thing we have youtube…

How crazy is this?  Wait till you see the Atiba Jefferson cover shot:

The Skateboard Mag

If someone sees this on the news stand in the States grab me a copy…feels like a collectors item to me.

Too Cool

Jason Oliva

Tony Hawk Andy MacDonald

Photo Atiba Jefferson

503: Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab have been doing this for a long time…Footage by Larry Ransom

Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab Tracker Trucks ad 1986 (TransWorld)

First I saw this ad (bought one of those white and pink Hawk boards too) then I saw Larry Ransom’s footage…then I saw the ad again and then I thought… Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab have been doing this for a longtime. While skating at  The Grand Palais they probably  said to each other “Man we have been doing this for a long time”

Great footage Larry!

Nice office Tony! If I worked there I would refer to the ramp as “The Watercooler”

Jason Oliva

Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab, and Andy Mcdonald skating at Tony Hawk, Inc.

Footage by Larry Ransom

463: The answer to The House of Steam’s Tony Hawk Ride trivia contest is……… and the winner is……….

The answer to the question who bested Tony Hawk in a 1992 Florida contest is…..Tom “The Rock” Boyle!!

Tom “The Rock” Boyle Stalefish

So who is Tom Boyle you say… he was the rider who was the first to pull frontside kickflips on a vert ramp and along with skaters like Danny Way and Colin Mckay  helped usher in the final bit of modernisation that brought all the street skating tricks of the early 90’s onto the vert ramp. Things would never be the same. Let’s take a look at Tom and these guys skating back then…Shall we?

Tom Boyle…1994!

Danny Way, Colin McKay…1997

So its now 1997 and vert riders can perform magic on the ramp, its no wonder the sport started coming back out of the darkness. Who would not be excited after  watching this level of skating. We all know a bit of what is to come in the new millennium skating audiences wanted skaters to go from being magicians to plain old death defying stuntmen….and the sport moved into 360 Loops, Mega Ramps, Helicopters and Great Walls in China. By making things bigger and more daring almost overnight there where 1,000 new first to be attained in the sport…first to do the loop, first to pull any trick across the mega ramp or on its wall….Has anyone done a 25 foot frontside ollie to grind yet? .Well I for one am pleased to report that with the influence of  East Coast Legend  Bucky Lasek and his new bowl ‘Heaven’ it seems vert skating is trending back to a healthy balance of everything. That bowl looks like skaters skating something that is humbling for all the right reasons.

Yes, Yes I know that there were countless other skaters involved in these decades least of which Tony Hawk who’s contributions to the sport of skating need not even be taken into question but when you crack open the history books be sure to pencil in Tom “The Rock” Boyle if you find his name missing.

Ohhh and the winner of the Tony Hawk Ride (chosen at random from the correct entries) is……..MATHEW KLEIN

That is young Mathew Klein circa 1987 about to drop in on the quarter pipe…while I (Jason Oliva) skate his vert ramp

Well, Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Tony Hawk and the good people over at THRIDE for sponsoring!!

Look for more trivia contests soon in the new year. Dont forget to check out THRIDE and spread the word.

PS…. for those of you who may not know about Tony Hawk’s contributions on and off the board to the sport of skating this video is a good place to start…Nice run Tony!


Jason Oliva

459: 1991 SUAS Houston TX BBC Footage: Buster Halterman and Darren Menditto Killing it…Oh yeah Chris Miller, Lance Mountain,Omar Hassan,Chris Gentry,Mike Frazier, Bod Boyle, Tony Hawk, Dave Leroux, Remy Stratton, and Eric Nash

This contest footage is amazing and apparently newly released from the BBC.  Look at Buster Halterman and Darren Menditto (1:20 run!)killing it. I think this is some real important footage…Examine the year 1991! Let’s face facts vert skating at this point was in the decline that late 80’s wave that saw people like Groholski all over the mags is over. A lot of folks headed off for college since there was no real industry to earn a living from. Forgetting about that just look at the skating, you can see the trick modernisation that would come in the next year or two creeping in and the influences of people like Groholski and their emphasis on less crowd pleasing lip tricks creeping in (Bod Boyle frontside ollie to grind over the channel for instance, tough trick little point recognition I suppose, Look at Hawks run’s) Not a lot of kick turning on  the invisible vert as Groholski would put it. Great stuff here it would not be soon after that a handful of skaters would start adding some mind blowing tricks to all this and the modernisation would be complete.  It is great to see Team Steam’s contribution to this transition, re-vert skating, lip tricks galore…and shades of whats to come.  You can write about this footage all day I guess…

Enjoy watching all this, I know I did.

Jason Oliva Artist

PS : Dave Leroux! and  look at Miller just travelling on the ramp…crazy.

You can see the results at the end of the last video…and check out the princely sums they were killing their bodies to obtain. Well done gentlemen, well done!

Thanks to Pete Furnee and his eagle eye!

458: Behind the scenes shot of The Animal Chin Ramp from Tony Hawk’s Twitpic…Neil Blender on Deck!

Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero “Mirror” Inverts

Stacy Peralta, CR Steyck and Neil Blender on Deck

OK so this went out from Tony Hawk on Twitter a cool behind the scene shot of The Animal Chin ramp and shoot. I understand almost 100% of this picture………..Neil Blender on Deck! Did he skate? did someone take his picture or aim a camera at him!! Was he the skate choreographer? like they use in martial arts films? (Animal Chin had a kinda kung fu’ish theme). Anyway if there is a photo or a video, let me know…or if there is and it has not been released. Hopefully we will see it! That would make a great webisode!


This just in:

Yes, Neil did skate it for a bit. Not sure if there’s any footage or pics, but he did ride it:)

Steve Caballero


Now all we have to do is wait for a picture to turn up…I am feeling confident.

Jason Oliva Artist

I am adding this to my Christmas list:

-One Picture of Neil Blender skating the Animal Chin Ramp

454: Thanks Tony!(Hawk) for throwing the spot light on The House of Steam

Tony Hawk Tweets about @TheHouseofSteam

Thanks Tony  for getting this contest going and letting your 1.8 million twitter followers in on The House of Steam!

PS I am sure you did not have to search the archive for the trivia answer! ha ha, thanks for being a great sport

Jason Oliva Artist

The House of Steam contest for an xbox360 Tony Hawk Ride game and controller will be open till Dec. 17th, 2009 Enter Here: http://bit.ly/5GycKb

Also FYI all of the posts and your THOS comments go out to the twitterverse so you can follow at http://twitter.com/TheHouseofSteam


453: The House of Steam Presents: Tony Hawk Ride for Xbox360 and Controller Giveaway Contest! Dec 4 – Dec 17

So the good people over at Activision have taken notice of us here at The House of Steam and asked if I would like to give away the New Tony Hawk ride game along with its innovative carpet riding skatedeck controller (for the Xbox 360) . No more having to find plywood to relayer the ramp its going to be fresh carpeting the kids are gonna be after. I have always been a fan of all the Tony Hawk games and have played them start to finish as and when they arrived, just last month my cool Uncle status was solidified as I was able to get my nephew out of the hangar in Tony Hawk one with only one or two grabs of the old school hand controller. The rules for the contest are below all you have to do is email me the answer to our trivia question (psssst….the answer can be found with some searching of the archive) I will leave this up for the duration so please feel free to pass on the link via FB, Twitter and all those new fangled Idevices.

Thanks to Alan over at M80 and that Good Sport Tony Hawk.

Jason Oliva


Starts: December 4th
Ends: December 17th
Number of Winners: 1
Contest Prizes: Tony Hawk Ride for the Xbox360, skateboard controller
Tony Hawk Ride Links: http://www.thride.com/us/

Contest Info:
The House of Steam is giving away Tony Hawk’s brand new game, Tony Hawk Ride for the Xbox 360 and the innovative motion sensing skateboard controller. You’ll be able to skate like Tony Hawk in no time..err, maybe not. The game was developed by Activision Publishing and is available for Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and Wii. You can watch the trailer of the game here. All you have to do is answer the trivia question and send us your name, and e-mail address. We’ll pick the winners on December 17th, just in time for the holidays! Good luck!

Trivia Question:
Which “Rock” solid Team Steam skater bested Tony Hawk in a 1992 skate contest in Florida?

1) Please send all contest entries to jasonoliva@gmail.com
2) The subject must have “Tony Hawk Ride Contest.” 
3) To enter the contest, you MUST send your full name, e-mail address and trivia answer.
4) All contests are USA & Canada only.
5) When the contest is done, I’ll randomly pick out the winners and post them the day the contest ends. So come back and see if you won the contest.
6) If you win, please be patient with your prizes being delivered. It might take a few days or a month.