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419: Mike Frazier, Leonard Trubia, Paul Larson, Milford Barnes, Todd Morrow and Darrin Rutlidge…Florida 1990

249: Hey Look, Todd Morrow! Dunedin 2007

 Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Sorry so slow. Real life has stolen my House of Steam time lately. But I “Musn’t Grumble” So here are a couple contemporary pictures of Skate Hell Team rider Todd Morrow. He is still ripping and getting his mug on the cover of the local skate mags! Todd sent i a fine stack of old school pictures I will be getting on with adding to the archive ASAP.Nice One Todd!

I just realized I don’t know where Dunedin is? Someone comment


Todd Morrow

Todd Morrow 2007 R & R Dunedin

Todd Morrow Just Skate

Todd Morrow Local Skate Zine Dunedin 2007