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561: The House of Steam Wants You! : New THOS Video Podcast Premiere episodes

The House of Steam Wants You!

We launched THOS Video Podcast because some footage just deserves  better packaging. Just as THOS was the archive to dust off a thousand skate albums and encourage the archiving of new and existing photographs THOS Video Podcast was instituted to encourage the dusting off of  VHS tapes and encourage original and unique new filmmaking. Footage from past and present with great music…that simple. Things are different in Itunes land and projects like this need to be viewed regularly and updated frequently or Steve Jobs comes in and pulls the plug personally (seriously). That is what makes projects like this all the more exciting though.

So if you want to support this new project the number one thing you can do as always is to contribute! Videos, Itunes friendly music, suggestions etc etc

We need you to head over to Itunes and write a couple sentences about why you dig THOS!  The podcast already has subscribers in the three digit realm and is steadily climbing the skate ranks even before I write this. More reviews, quality episodes and subscribers will take us to the front page of Itunes.

Because of the nature of this project I have also added a donation jar to The Podcasts Website anyone who feels compelled to assist with the financing of this ongoing project will have  their names, their links or ‘anonymous’ displayed prominently on the site and in upcoming vids and become forever known as natural born world-shakers.

There is also our ever growing Emporium of Coolness where the story continues as told by the products. (more on this later)

So lets break it all down:

Contribute (Link for sending  in large audio and video files)

Write a review and tell the world what you dig about THOS.

Donate because you are a natural born world-shaker.

The Emporium of Coolness

and share:

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Some special thanks  to Sophie ,Mike Vallely, Larry Ransom, Totally Skateboarding, The Philly Warehouse Crew, Steve Mannion,The Raging Lamos, The Spaced out Weirdos, FDR’s mystery filmmaker, anyone who ever visited The Barn, Jim and Dennis Kane, Team Steam and everyone I ever went to school with.


Jason Oliva Artist


Onto the show!