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180: The House of Tom!! Tom Groholski at The Girl Ramp NJ 1987

Tom Groholski Girl Ramp NJ 1986 the house of steam

Tom Groholski Girl Ramp NJ 1987 Rocky Vertone on Deck

The House of Tom!! Tom Groholski at The Girl Ramp NJ 1987

Tom Groholski Mute Air Girl Ramp 1987 Rocky Vertone on the other deck!

So I am pretty sure this is 1987 because I used to drive to The Girl ramp and I know thats Rocky Vertone cause well Ive known him since 5th grade. I also know these where taken by Ben “Corntastic Cornman” Cornish cause they are black n white. I can also confirm all of this cause I was there on this day with everyone. lets see we had Tom, Pappo(NYC), Puppet(NYC), Tag(Dan), Jimmy and Dennis Kane, Rocky Vertone, Me(jason oliva), and Bernie O’Dowd. Great Day!!

If you are wondering it says Dagnasty across the far wall of the ramp…

oh yeah

Jay “Dammit” Henry says hello Tom!

Jay Henry the house of steam

Yes, this is my vintage photo, taken circa 7:45 pm today(july 25, 2007)…notice how the “camera man” (and I use the term loosely) not only took the front side grind fashionably late, but he somehow manage to get less than half of my body in frame…ah yes, those were the days…

Jay henry Wrecked Face

I also decided to include one I took after my bike wreck the other day, just so everyone can stop wondering if I still smash my face on a daily basis, I do


Jay Henry




Jay is OK (as Ok as Jay can get ) so dont worry…Where is that ramp? Looks like Woolworths.


Nice One!!

East Coast Pride Groholski The House of Steam Jason Oliva

Thanks to Wendy and Tony for getting all this together…(Check out Squindo.net)

Squindo Skull The House of Steam

and Tom for the big Ole stamp of approval!!! You Rule!!


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East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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