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203: “Oh Captain my Captain” John Ballon The Barn NJ 1985

John Ballon 1985 Barn NJ The House of Steam

Captain John Ballon Barn NJ 1985

photo I Ching

Team Steam’s Captain John Ballon….nuff said


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East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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37: In 1983 apparently “The Captain” John Ballon was sold on shredding


This was a letter written to Thrasher magazine in 1983 by Team Steam’s Captain Jon Ballon. The Bernie he is referring to is his best friend Bernie O’Dowd. According to Bernie this letter was read by Tom Groholski’s Father who Invited John and Bernie over to skate Tom’s backyard ramp. They all became fast friends and the rest is skating history folks….

…and Captain…THRASHER, Black Flag, DEVO and the Circle Jerks are still too cool!


Bernie O’Dowd frontside air at Tom Groholski’s ramp New Jersey 1983

Nice One Bernie!