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144: Noside (Edison NJ) Skate Jam 1986 Derek Rinaldi and Mike Valelly

Rinaldi Valelly jason oliva the house of steam

Derek Rinaldi and Mike Valelly Launch Ramp Edison Skate Jam 1986


I think the year was 1985 or 86. Mike had organized this skate jam at a school in Edison. Jim Murphy, Rodney Smith were also on hand. More pics to follow.The ramp was a section I think from Groholski’s ramp. Not sure how it who brought it.

OK soooo this is about as New Jersey as it gets!!! If you were there let me know I want to dig up more pics from this seminal event.

Thanks Derek!

Those were the days…

Yes, I remember this event… I was sponsored by Powell Peralta at this point but if you notice that is not a Powell Peralta board I’m riding. I think I was skating Rodney’s Action East deck… For some reason I didn’t have a board of my own that day. Perhaps I was in-between packages.

I loosely set the event up. Just put the word out that we were jamming. We had a good turn out. Groholski’s dad brought the quarter pipe. Me and Rinaldi were the only guys able to go over the top. I actually used it as a jump ramp… Pretty radical back then and even today.

The cops came and shut us down later in the day. Steve Kasper did a street plant off the back of the cop car. I think Rinaldi has a picture of that.

Love your guys site.

— Mike V

Oh yea… I actually think that was 1986… I was on Powell Peralta so it had to be… Also, my haircut and pink wristband on right wrist are tell tale signs that it was 1986.And that’s a gray Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Team Shirt I’m wearing… I wouldn’t have bought that… That shit was free.

— Mike V

Thanks Derek…Thanks Mike

Checkout Mike on tour and check out his band Revolution Mother!!

Always a pleasure being in touch…(send more stuff..he he)

he he I just got it noside=Edison backwards…clever!


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