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496: New Juice TV: Venice Pool Session 2009:Jesse Martinez, Aaron Murray,Steve Olsen, Pat Ngoho, Chrisiton Hosoi, Scott Oster and Bennett Haradad

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90: Skateboarding family dinner with Rob Roskopp! Dan Tag, Rocky Vertone, Tom Reece, Jeff Roenning(not pictured) Holy Crap if this is’nt 85


Breaking Bread with Rob Roskopp of Santa Cruz skateboard fame. New Jersey circa 85

Dan Tag – Rocky Vertone – Tom Reece (cool street skater from Westfeild NJ) – Jeff’s Uncle (Owner of Millburn Sports Center, Skate and Snowboard shop of the time) – Rob Roskopp

Photograph Jeff Roenning

Well if this pic dont beat all!

Rob Roskopp came to do some board signing at the shop and road the Barn as well. I think he had Steve Olsen along with him on this visit. I remember Steve (Olsen) signing my black n white checkered Olsen signature model and writing Skate or Die on my black jacket (I’ll getta pic up of that board I know I got it in storage)

I really dont know what else to say about this one….Cept NICE ONE! Roenning!

Jason Oliva


Well since Rob was cool back n the D I figured I would plug his current Venture.

SANTA CRUZ BIKES seems he designs some sick mountain bikes under the Santa Cruz name. Click the photo and read a great interview…..

jason oliva

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