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563: Jeff Roenning taking in Steve Caballero’s art show last night in Santa Cruz

Steve Caballero and Jeff Roenning

April 9th 2010 Santa Cruz at Cab’s Art Exhibition

There are so many reason’s to dig Steve Caballero. The fact that he is one of the premiere ambassadors of skateboarding is one reason…The fact he lives a life full of strong faith and conviction which he uses to inspire is another good reason.  At  THOS we have even recently gone out of pocket to show how much we dig his music (a third good reason) . So if you were unaware and were also looking for a further reason to dig Cab here are some images from his recent art exhibition in Santa Cruz.  Jeff stopped by last night and they chatted like old friends.

Steve has a cool visual vocabulary: Hot Rods, Helmets, animals and 70’s Japanese Movies and Television….he is adept at painting with acrylics, pen and ink, silk screening and stencilling.

Great stuff!

Thanks for the pictures Jeff…

Jason Oliva Artist