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333: Alexandria Virginia’s SkateWorld 1977, David Alexander and Meigs Hodge…long overdue inclusions into the archive.


David Alexander 1977 Frontside Skateworld VA


Meigs Hodge Skateworld VA

Not often we get some cool seventies skate action. I have been meaning to enter Skateworld VA shots along with Dave and Meigs into the archive for sometime. I have gathered a decent amount of pics to make a cool gallery so here it is. Maybe John Egertson and relevant company can chime in and wax poetically on this skate park from VA. A lot of people from SW have been getting in touch via The House of Steam which is always cool!

Meigs Hodge


Meigs Hodge  SkateWorld VA




Hey Jason,
 Skateworld seens like yesterday to me, and it would be great to contact some of the team riders and fellow skaters from back then. I still keep in touch w/ some….Connor Mul..in San Deago has two teenage boys…Steve Kellaher…married, living in Veanna, Va….Miles Rolph, Bike Currier in D.C. I probably can dig up some old pics…might take awhile. Keep in touch bro.
Jim Trease