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284: “Corn” stumbles upon a new ramp in Lakeside Colorado, killer snake session!


Dear Jason,
Hey Man! I wanted to tell you about the killer session going down at Lakeside Colorado this weekend. They just got this sweet new mini. The Tranny’s are kinda loose, but it was going off, a major snake session. There were two local dudes who were shredding. This guy in a pink half shirt was doing huge method airs and this other dude was flapping some big andrechts. At one point there were six kids on the ramp at the same time, getting two wheels out on every turn.        

Take care



Six Skater Snake Session


Jason Oliva The House of Steam


Nice one Ben!!

You were always able to sus out these underground spots. Now that The House of Steam has reported on this place its gonna be over-run.



281: New Jersey’s Route 78 ditch…Those were the days!!

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Thanks to Johnny V. for this gem. 

We skated here in private, all the time.  This video does not show how steep it becomes toward the end. You had to exit at high speeds across a small patch of grass affectionately reffered to as the “Green Door” . Weepy ruled the place.


Dj King Weep 78 Ditch 1986

Photo Ben Cornish