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533: Hall of Fame (1): SHUT SUPERBAD!

SHUT SUPERBAD! “James Brown” Model


Photo Jason Oliva

This is my first of many entries into the Hall of Fame for DIY-Independent-Underground & Guest Model boards.

1986 SHUT Super Bad! If you have one of these your name is either Rodney Smith or you just broke out of Rodney Smith’s office at SHUT Headquarters.. I am not sure if this was the first SHUT board or if it was that crazy clown one, maybe someone knows but this is definitely one of my favourites. Rodney told me a lot of harsh chemicals went into making these boards back in the day so if you do have one maybe you are not so lucky. The closest I have to one of these is a NOS SHUT Assault Vehicle given to Weepy by Rodney then given to me by Weepy…thats how it worked sometime back in the day…lotsa cools stuff traced back to Rodney.  SHUT and Rodney have grown incredibly since their DIY days into an International brand par excellance  they deserve a couple more entries into this Hall of Fame from their earliest years and I will get to those soon enough.

If you have any  suggestions for additions to the DIUGM HOF you can email me and I will add them to the laundry list.



74: The House of WEEP: New York City SHUT SKATE Maestro Rodney Smith with a few words about The WeepStar.



I am totally and will always be down for the Weep man….If I can say a few things and have you post it that would be killer.On my list of friends and family ,Weep had his own category. I never met anyone with the guts and will to live and journey through life the way he did.
The enthusiasm that came from Weep was beyond any I’d ever seen. It was a sincere enthusiasm with a super calm demeanor ,that Big up’d any and all that he touched and encountered.
Having this guys presence in your personal life gave you an angle on life un-common to any perception or perspective in everyday life. Whenever he had news of something he was doing or about to do , my enthusiasm towards life would grow. It didn’t matter if we had a 2 second conversation or 2 hour face to face chat, Weep always passed on his good nature vibe. And talk about big cajones….traveling cross country ( in the dead of winter) on a small cc motorcycle , tackling big mountain snow runs , ice climbing antics and throwing down tricks on any skate terrain .
All heart and fearless under many circumstances. You don’t run into people like that ever and calling him rare is an under statement. Missed by many but remains in the souls of thousands. Legends never die
Legends never die……………

Thank you for the words Rodney!!

I know WEEP always enjoyed hanging with you and being around SHUT.

I have my own passed on SHUT board from back in the day that you flowed to Weepy and he flowed to me…alway willing to share the wealth he was.

Everyone take the time to checkout http://shutnyc.com/ and see what Rodney and his crew are up to in 2006…There is a great video and an article that mentions Tom, Jeremy, Puppethead and others.

Thanks again Rodney

Jason Oliva


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