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468: MERTZ!

Mertz’s Zorlac Video part, Also John Fudala


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462: ROB MERTZ Skating at Bucky Lasek’s new pool “Heaven”

Rob Mertz in “Heaven”

Been skating Bucky’s pool almost everyday, (until I jacked my back again about 6 weeks ago…). The pool rules! Probably the best thing I’ve ever ridden!!!! I’m sure everyone has seen video of it by now. The daily sessions were me, Paul Wisnewski, Chris Conway, Tony Mag, Miller and Owen Neider and Bucky of course!  The pool is as big as a modern vert ramp but, with all the hips and corners of a pool! So, if you’re a vert dog who loves pools, (like me), you are S-T-O-K-E-D!!!! Big thumbs up to Bucky for making it happen and letting this old vert guy skate it!!! Thanks Buck!!!


456: Rob Mertz’s band One Choice – New Record out now!

Here’s the new record from my band One Choice. All my friends can help me out by ordering it at www.seventhdagger.bigcartel.com It’s pure hardcore in the vein of Trial, Strife, Have Heart….with tons of heavyweight guest appearances!

Rob Mertz

320: One Choice “This X… The Nail In Your Coffin” Rob Mertz!!


So Stevie D is not the only member of Team Steam that can Rifle Fass riffs!! Rob Mertz on gits!! One Choice



187: The House of Tom: Groholski’s ramp. ’83-’84 New Brunswick, NJ. Words and Pictures by Rob Mertz

Groholski’s ramp. ’83-’84 New Brunswick, NJ.

We spent a lot of time at Tom’s ramp and let me tell you, he could rip it!!! The first time I saw Tom skate it-I was in complete disbelief. I never saw anyone skate so good, and that ramp was gnarly!!! Skinny and slippery as hell and unforgiving. I can still remember the sound as my hip would bounce of the plexiglass. POWWWW!!!!!! and the time my friend Jonathon went flying off the side of the ramp, over the fence, and landed in a pile of trash, and the time we drove all the way down there to find Tom’s little bastard of a brother hosing the ramp down and using it as a slip ‘n slide….damn good sessions went down there. I wish I could find more of my photos but, for now this will have to do Rob…

Tom Groholski The House of Steam

Tom grinding the extension!! The
ramp was only 12’wide and he threw
an extension on it!!! He could do
whatever he wanted on that thing.

Tom Groholski The House of Steam

Tom “The Jersey Devil” chucking a
frontside boneless off the extension.
I’m telling you-he could hit 20 walls
every run with no problem at all….

Tom Groholski The House of Steam

Whoa brutha…tom floating one of
his patented nosepickin’ lein airs.
Funny, that’s how I do ‘um now….

Tom Groholski The House of Steam

Tom had his ramp so wired…it was
just amazing to watch. His dad was
really cool too……..fakie ollie


Reprinted from Mertzworld.net with Rob’s Permission

Thanks Rob!!

I got to skate at Tom’s once with Dan Tag and Tom. Cant say I took to the ramp all that well. I remember it being ridiculously slippery as well. After I managed to pull all the tricks I knew at least once I called it quits and watched Tag and Tom do there thing… I always had a camera but not that day for some reason…too bad. I remember Tom Talking about taking the summer to skate with Wilkes and work on 540’s must have been 87 or so.


PS Checkout Mertzworld.net it rules and remains a precursor to The House of Steam in my mind. There are tons of pictures, accounts and where are they nows. All from Robs illustrious skate history….and alot of pink letters too!!

Oh yeah here is Rob Mertz in The Zorlac zero hour video…tell me this couldnt be 2007 by the tricks Mertz is pullin waaaaay back then (circa 90 maybe?)


Thanks again Rob!!


Thanks to Chris and Bryce at Skatedaily.net for posting The House of Tom as a news event!!

jason oliva

East Coast Pride Groholski The House of Steam Jason Oliva

Thanks to Wendy and Tony for getting all this together…(Check out Squindo.net)

Squindo Skull The House of Steam

and Tom for the big Ole stamp of approval!!! You Rule!!


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East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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179: Rob Mertz Zorlac Zero Hour Video