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274: Noside Posse, New Jersey 23 years ago, Mike Vallely, Derek Rinaldi and Mike Spotte…


Back when I started skating no one videotaped anything ever. We just skated and did what we did, not for any other reason except that we had to. Very little of my early days on a skateboard were ever documented and whatever was documented didn’t always survive. Now, some 23 years later this VHS tape surfaces of me and my friends skating on a winter’s day back in 1985 and man is it refreshing. These were crucial times; before I was sponsored, before I started traveling the world, before I turned pro. This video shows me and my friends skating for the pure love and excitement of it all. Just a bunch of punks having fun in the shit hole towns of Woodbridge, New Brunswick and Edison, NJ.


Mike V

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Not gonna say much here except thanks Mike for sharing. An old school vid with all The House of Steam’s favorites: You, Derek and Mike Spotte..too cool!!

Special thanks to Larry Ransom for all his contributions and support of The House of Steam, you rule brutha!

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Ps. Mannn that car reminds me of the “Weeper Wagon”


Here are some Pre-Shut rippers in Don’s basement, if you recognize yourself tell me in the comment section.

144: Noside (Edison NJ) Skate Jam 1986 Derek Rinaldi and Mike Valelly

Rinaldi Valelly jason oliva the house of steam

Derek Rinaldi and Mike Valelly Launch Ramp Edison Skate Jam 1986


I think the year was 1985 or 86. Mike had organized this skate jam at a school in Edison. Jim Murphy, Rodney Smith were also on hand. More pics to follow.The ramp was a section I think from Groholski’s ramp. Not sure how it who brought it.

OK soooo this is about as New Jersey as it gets!!! If you were there let me know I want to dig up more pics from this seminal event.

Thanks Derek!

Those were the days…

Yes, I remember this event… I was sponsored by Powell Peralta at this point but if you notice that is not a Powell Peralta board I’m riding. I think I was skating Rodney’s Action East deck… For some reason I didn’t have a board of my own that day. Perhaps I was in-between packages.

I loosely set the event up. Just put the word out that we were jamming. We had a good turn out. Groholski’s dad brought the quarter pipe. Me and Rinaldi were the only guys able to go over the top. I actually used it as a jump ramp… Pretty radical back then and even today.

The cops came and shut us down later in the day. Steve Kasper did a street plant off the back of the cop car. I think Rinaldi has a picture of that.

Love your guys site.

— Mike V

Oh yea… I actually think that was 1986… I was on Powell Peralta so it had to be… Also, my haircut and pink wristband on right wrist are tell tale signs that it was 1986.And that’s a gray Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Team Shirt I’m wearing… I wouldn’t have bought that… That shit was free.

— Mike V

Thanks Derek…Thanks Mike

Checkout Mike on tour and check out his band Revolution Mother!!

Always a pleasure being in touch…(send more stuff..he he)

he he I just got it noside=Edison backwards…clever!


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East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski