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403: Never seen Philly Skate rock Legends McRad? Well now you can May 29th


Have a great time. Try and pick out Walter’s GB songs, say hi to Chuck and any enjoy a band (METROPLEX) described as being like Superchunk/Nada Surf/and jawbreaker…thats filling all the right shoes!

You can also buy Derek Rinaldi drinks all night, be advised he only excepts one per customer so get there early!


S’more info:

After doing shows in Brooklyn for over a decade – we’re coming to Philly!!

Punk Slope returns!

***FRIDAY MAY 29th 2009***

(quicksand, gorilla biscuits, rival schools, walking concert)
bringing a full band to play songs from all his bands and his new solo material!!

McRAD (live)
featuring Chuck Treece. we couldn’t do the first punk slope in
philly without the legend.

great band hailing from philly. think superchunk, nada surf, jawbreaker.

along with:
classic hardcore, punk rock, reggae, 80s underground played before,
in between and after live performances. stick around – it’s a party!

with DJs:
NICK CAIN (punkslope, earthprogram, watermark)
JOEL T. (punkslope, earthprogram, watermark)
JG (pink skull, savant guard)
BRIAN ROSS (earthprogram, the five tones)

The Khyber
56 S 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 238-5888

doors at 7pm. come early! stay late!
$10 at the door.
(advance tix available at ticketweb.com)

add us on myspazz: myspace.com/punkslope
or see all our past events here: punkslope.com

199: The House of Tom: Thanks to everyone especially Tom Groholski

Well its time to wrap things up at The House of Tom (for now).

So what have we learned?

Dont wait around for things to be handed to you. Take pride in what you got, who you are, what you are doing. Fame does not equal greatness. Greatness equals Greatness and if you surround yourself with friends they will let y

ou know when you have achieved greatness!!

Nice one Tom!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

As it was spray painted on the outside of The Barn Ramp…”The Time is Now”

Keep watching everyone. A whole lot of great “No WAY’s!” to be shouted soon.


Tom Groholski The Barn 1985

Tom Groholski The Barn NJ 1985

Photo I Ching



East Coast Pride Groholski The House of Steam Jason Oliva

Thanks to Wendy and Tony for getting all this together…(Check out Squindo.net)

Squindo Skull The House of Steam

and Tom for the big Ole stamp of approval!!! You Rule!!


YouTubeSkate (Videos)



East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

18: Tom Groholski Invert at The Girl Ramp 1986

Tom Groholski Invert at the girl ramp 1986 photograph jason oliva

Tom Groholski Invert at the Girl Ramp 1986 New Jersey

Thats Rocky Vertone on the Platform and Bernie O’Dowd on the ground,

Ben Cornish, Dan Tag, Jimmy Kane,Papo and Jeremy from NYC where also at this session…more photos to follow.

Photograph jason Oliva

jason oliva


Remember The House of Steam is looking for Sponsorship, Submissions and Suggestions!!! Send all to jasonoliva@gmail.com



Bernie O’Dowd and Chris WEEP Blank Dorkin Around circa 1987
Super 8 footage by Ben Cornish

Team Steam at Matt Klein’s New jersey Circa 1987
Super 8 from Ben Cornish