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436: Harry Jumonji, NJ Shore contest back in the day.

harry jumongi frontside roll in

Harry Jumongi Frontside roll in NJ Shore Contest

Photo Deitz Bruthas!

Avatar Jason Oliva

Page 350(closer to 400 in actuality) of this endless book is now written. We have had a lot of ups and downs lately and I hope everyone is doing ok.

I like the round numbers and with the assumption that this is page 350 I figured it was time to let this Black n White gem of HJ loose on the interwebs. Bernie O’Dowd should know the details (He was skating in the contest) all I know was this was at a NJ Shore contest photographed by Ken or Steve Deitz. Also Jeff Jones was there.

Anyone want to add any grammar(sorry just read Summerland by Chabon) to this entry about Harry feel free to email me or comment it and I will cut and paste….(Irene, Derek, Dennis…Jay?)