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431: Shut in the Caymans?



Now that is a place to have a skate camp! Does anyone else feel that the Rodney and the NEx-Gen Shut team are gonna be the first skaters to have a cameo on Entourage… This place even has a Pirate themed skate shop! Fricken SHUT and Pirates…throw in some Jedi’s and Ninjas and the world will beat a path to their door. Seriously though this Skate Camp has attracted the cream of the crop through the years…(Buck-E  L’Sick anyone?)

Nice work Rod, I can now add The Caymans as an archive Category!  hope you are lying in the Sun as we speak! Next year sign me up I can be a guest lecturer; have the first class room setting lessons, teach em all about Bruthahood and Junk!


Paging DR Rinaldi…Paging DR Rinaldi…