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531: Steve Herring at Impact Zone Brick NJ: Photos by Ken Salerno

Steve Herring Impact Zone Brick NJ

Photo Ken Salerno

Steve Herring Impact Zone Brick NJ

Photo Ken Salerno

Some cool pics from Ken Salerno sitting on my drive way too long. We are close to getting some video footage of Steve skating so I figured I would stoke the fire about Steve today. Anyone want to fill in the blanks about Steve feel free to add to the entry in the comment section.


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489: Glen and Rick Charnoski: Cheapskates PA Photos by Ken Salerno

Glen Charnoski Cheapskate PA

Photo Ken Salerno

Rick Charnoski CheapSkates PA

Photo Ken Salerno

I have a growing folder of Ken Salerno’s work….thought I would start with a two for one…Das Bruthas Charno: Glen and Rick at Cheapskates. I have a couple more shots that seem to all be from this session that I will put up soon enough. Along with a string of other Salerno gems.

Jason Oliva

253: Charno Cheapskates Lord knows when. Photo Ken Salerno

Rick Steamboat Charnoski CheapSkates PA the house of steam

Rick “SteamBoat” Charnoski Andrecht CheapSkates PA 90-91 maybe.

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Here is a killer pic from our friend Ken Salerno. A late 80’s dreadlockian Charno sporting his “SteamBoat” Team Steam sticker (printed by yours truly on our High Schools printing press) and flappin an andrecht like only he can.

Nice one Ken!!


SteamBoat Steam Sticker 1986