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82: In 1992 scientists gather enough Steam power in one New Jersey strip mall skatepark to catapult an elephant over a seventeen story building. Geoff Graham is there to photograph the accomplishment.

team steam-bruthas-92.jpg

Yo Jay! I’ve been holding off on a post until I dug something good out of the archives, just found this little gem! One of the greatest gatherings of post-barn STEAM power I can recall. It was late  92, in Brick NJ there was an indoor skate park in a strip mall. The other end of the mall had a roller-disco rink. There was some kind of contest/jam, completely dominated by the steam presence,…the climax of which was a rock and roll onslaught by the RL’s, set up on the flat bottom. You can tell by the faces that a good time was had by all. Geoff Graham foto on the timer, getting in one last stage dive. Rounding out the roll call: Kelly Ryan; Rocky (Vertone), (Jim) Murf, Dennis (Kane), Charno (Rick Steamboat Charnoski), Moose (Darren Menditto), (Dan)Tag, me (Jimmy Kane) , Barker, Weep (Chris Blank), Jason (Oliva), Al B(aker), Steve D, Dr K and Billy (Collectivelly known as The Raging Lamos).

Jimmy Kane

Nice one! Jimmy

Ok( sorry about the title I just wanted to get the word elephant into the Archive list)

This photo rules! It says alot for sure. The winds of change sure did scatter us all soon after this photo was taken.

Here is the question I am pretty certain this was not the event but there was a similiar occasion we all went to a south Jersey strip mall skatepark for a contest. Tom “The Rock” Boyle (ummm someone please send photos of Boyle!) had beat Tony Hawk in a mini ramp contest in Florida so Tony Hawk showed up in Jersey for this event to set the record straight or something (real gunslinger stuff goin down) So anyway we (handful of peeps, definetly Steamboat) all went to another nearby (closed) indoor skatepark with an in ground wooden bowl. While we were skating Tony Hawk (wearing a ski hat over his helmet…wish I thought of that years earlier) and 2 young kids show up. Needless to say Hawk went off skating the bowl doing crazy stuff (but nothing as bulldozey as Charno’s boardslides). So who remembers all this?

jason oliva

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