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493: Delaware Water Gap Vert Facility(DWG) Allen Gibson’s ramp before and after: Video from Paul Puccio and Irene Ching

BEFORE (2008) Video Paul Puccio

AFTER(2010) Video Irene Ching

467: Delaware Water Gap Vert Facility: Gets bowled in for 2010.


The new Bowled end at DWG Vert Facility…. Here is the BEFORE shot

Photography by Paul Puccio

Remember how exciting it was when the ramp got a new layer!! Maaaan have times changed…Looks like Allen Gibson has decided to Bowl up the entire deep end of his Masterpiece….Looks like The East Coasters have it all wrapped up now…Bucky has his concrete Heaven out West and AG has his Wooden Vert Facility on the East…You do know you can Skate this…right? (On Saturdays only) Email me.


Allen “Guts n Glory” Gibson he has his home court dialed in

Irene Ching Vert Roller Skatings reigning Queen and Spokesperson.

If you Vert Rollerskate or Vert Skate and you  do not know of her….then you must! CLICK HERE

278: Deathbowl to Downtown…NYC Skate Film out summer 2008


Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Thank you I (Ching) for sending me this. Looks like the latest and could be greatest film from Steamboat Charnoski and Coan Nichols “Deathbowl to Downtown”,will be out this summer. In the mean time check out the extensive photo show in May that is going down. All your favorites will be included….My eyes an ears (JAY!,Derek!) should be there to tell me all about it. With any luck I will be able to see the film somewhere in the UK.

Nice one all, sure it will be amazing.




243: It was always Papo, Pup and Jeremy…..Irene Ching

It was always Papo, Pup and Jeremy or some combination of the 3, adding in sometimes Andy (Kess) and James Minor.
These were the NYC heads riding vert ramps then, covering the tri-state area (NJ, PA, CT). Most times, I was just lucky enough to score a seat in the car going wherever, it didn’t matter, we were gonna skate there. They always knew where some vert was stashed and how to get to it. So many backyard ramps around then, now they seem pretty scarce, nothing taller than a six foot. I’m glad my son got to skateboard and travel with me on some of these adventures. It was the real deal that most young skaters miss out on today. I’ve gotta get some pics and vids next time we get together and skate. We might get a kick out of it 20 years from now when it appears on The House of Steam.


Like This!

Puppethead Jaime Affoumado

Jaime Affoumado “PUPPETHEAD” Washington Square Park 70’s

Papo and James Minor

Catalino Cappiello “Papo” Fort Lee NJ

James Minor Fort Lee NJ

Jeremy Henderson The House of Steam

Jeremy Henderson Staten Island? Circa, Hmmmm?

Irene Ching Staten Island 1978

Irene Ching Staten Island SkatePark 1978<==== Yar!!!

Jay Irenes son in The Bronx skating

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Thanks Irene!!!

I cant believe I used all these pics for one post. I could have made months worth of posts out of them, but thats not how we roll at THOS. These pics and your(Irene’s) words tell a story now..and thats the point, really. My recollection of all these people were through Tom Groholski brining them out to NJ, and meeting them in NY with Weep (My first Tofu Chilli dog with Papo) Its crazy to look back on how much skating you did in so many places. The ambassadors of NY SKATE, so much more then just Tom’s friends from NY now. What you said about traveling is true it was about road tripping back then an meeting people, not so much getting dropped off at skate camp for the summer.

Well anyway we have more pics from these Horsmen of the Skate Apocalypse Im gonna post this week so lets hear some comments and send some pics an writings in!!!

P.S.Puppets pic was a bit old school so here is one of him ripping!!!!

Puppethead photo jason oliva 1987

PuppetHead “Jaime Affoumado” 1987 Girl Ramp NJ

Photo Jason Oliva

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Also The House of Steam encourages you to go to Puppets Jazz bar

They are in the process of changing venues and will reopen between Nov and Dec (2007) but there are tons of shows still being held locally so go hang with the scene,checkout the website, get on the mailing list. Also if you mention The House of Steam you will get a quizzical response such as “What’s that?”, or” Huh?” so that could be fun too.

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206: Vert Roller Skating: Irene Ching, Duke Rennie, and Team Steam’s (Jah Steam/Southern Divisions) Brian Wainwright

Irene Ching the house of steam

Irene Ching Santa Monica Cove 2007

Duke Rennie the house of steam

Duke Rennie Frontside air Santa Monica Cove 2007

Hi Jason,

I’ve been out in LA skating, just getting back to reality here in NYC.
I will send you my collection of photos, both past and present.
And with more patience, I will write some stories for your fabulous site.

Pic of me and the frontside air is Duke Rennie (famous vert rollerskater from the 80’s)
at Santa Monica “The Cove”.

Thanks alot, Irene

Since Irene is going to contribute her amazing photos to The House of Steam it is only fair to  shine a light on something she holds near an dear in return (i.e)…Vert Roller Skating.

“But what does Vert Rollerskating have to do with The House of Steam?” you ask. Well for starters Irene Ching is an NYC/Barn local from day one and  Brian #1 in the world Wainwright is on TEAM STEAM…..

Let’s reference the Team Steam Charter of 1987:

Steam Charter

There it is in red and white. Brian Wainwright Vert Rollerskater extraordinare a Team Steam member.

(We will come back to Brian, I just wanted to establish our VR cred at  THOS)

Vert Rollerskating is pretty sick especially when  folks skate frontside.  Try standing up with your heals together and imagine doing a frontside tick… its crazy.

Duke Rennie is one of the greatest Vert Roller Skaters of all time and you can read all about him here.

in addition here is some You Tube video action from their session.


Brian Wainwright and Monster Roll!


YouTubeSkate (Videos)





East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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169: Irene Ching!! Hail Hail the gangs all here. Circa 86 The Barn NJ

Irene Ching Barn 86 jason oliva the house of steam

Irene Ching circa 86 The Barn, NJ

Hi Jason,

I wanted to submit some photos of the Barn for your great website.

I had the pleasure of skating with Dennis and Jimmy Kane this past Saturday (July 7, 07) at the Delaware Gap facility.
It has been some 20 years since I’ve seen them last. Wow! It was a good time with Papo and Pup
(puppetsjazzbar.. clicky..jason) sessioning, too.
Of course, I brought my old collection of photos to show them, and that’s when they told me to contact you.
I hope they can be of use. I do have more pics of the Barn.

Thanks and keep up the great work,

Irene Ching

So I get introduced to Allen Gibson (DG Skate Facility) through mutual friends in NYC. Allen knows Menditto, Boyle..etc etc. I introduce him to Jimmy and Dennis Kane. They go to skate and Papo, Pup, and Irene are all there….too cool!!!

Irene has sent in some of the best pictures of The Barn to date and has a ton more for us!

Cant wait…here is a sample of the gems:

Jim Murphy jason oliva the house of steam barn 86

Jim Murphy The Barn circa 86

Pre Dread Zorlac John Gibson riding Jim Murphy!

Nice one Irene!!

PS..If you are in any of these photos send us a comment or an email! We are looking for you!!


YouTubeSkate (Videos)





East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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154: Just an average night at the Barn (by Dennis Kane)…NYC’s Godfather of skateboarding Jeremy Henderson, Tom Groholski and Jim Murphy circa 85


….Tommy G(roholski). Huge BS air. He would early release these things 4 feet out. ….And

(Jim) Murf(y) slapping a mean BS, with the “Flock of Sea Gulls – bo ho” hair style.. Jeffy (Roenning) speechless!
Just an average night at THE BARN
Tom Groholski The Barn 85 jason oliva the house of steam

Tom Groholski Backside air The Barn Circa 85

Jim Murphy The Barn 85 jason oliva the house of steam

Jim Murphy The barn circa 85

Jeremy Henderson The Barn jason oliva the house of steam
Jeremy Henderson The Barn NJ circa 1985


one night (’85 or ’86) my older brother Bob went to a club (“Area”) in NYC. Unknowingly, he began to chat with a world famous 1970’s pro skateboarder. Bob told him we had a Ramp in our Barn and invited him out to the country for some fresh air. Soon after, New York City’s godfather of skateboarding, Jeremy Henderson and his crew (Popo, Puppet Head, Pepe and Eileen on roller skates) showed up.
>Here is a shot (taken from the beam) of Jeremy (
Henderson) doing a super smooth BS pivot grind (or air to grind), with his shoes untied and a broken L wrist. I was slamming on my hip so much, that one day they showed up with an old pair of 1970’s padded Molly’s skate shorts for me. They looked stupid, but worked great. I still have ’em. Tommy G(roholski). and Jeffy (Roenning)look on. (photo probably by Ben)==>CORNISH

Dennis Kane

Jeremy Henderson Thrasher Cover 89

Next thing you know, he is on the cover of Thrasher mags NYC issues (c.’89).


Ill never forget those shorts..very Canucky (and orange)…..If we ever handout awards for best post this one would be a heavy contender… keep em up!!

jason oliva

Checkout: http://youtubeskate.com From the good people who brought you The House of Steam!!


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