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442: Matt Padulo, Bernie O’dowd, Jeff Jones and Harry Jumonji 1984 Contest at Silver Apple Skate Shop in New jersey

Matt Padulo  NJ shore contest

Matt Padulo

Wow! That really is crazy to see. I’m not really sure how old I was in this picture. I do remember entering the contest in the younger division then everyone I was with so maybe I was 13 years old? The ramp was made out of what seemed like fiberglass that sounded really hollow but road solid at the same time. I don’t even think I dropped in on the ramp so when I started a line had to run up the ramp, fakie once or twice, and then start my run. At the time I did all my airs just below or @ the top of the ramp, and I think was doing some Inverts about mid transition. I wound up taking 2nd and won a Lance Mountain deck which I saved for a while, but eventually road and shred up.

Can never get enough pics of the old days!


Bernie O'Dowd layback air

Bernie O’Dowd

jeff jones tweeked frontside air

Jeff Jones Tweaked frontside air.

Anyone recognise themselves on the platform?

harry jumongi frontside roll in

Harry Jumongi frontside roll in

…again anyone on the deck?

435: Andy Kessler: GRANDMASTER of 108, Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Avatar Jason Oliva

Feel free to express yourself , drop some memories or condolences in the comment section. If there is anything you would like to add do not hesitate to email me.



Here is a great video sent over by Juice Magazine there is a great segment were Andy talks about his work with Jim Murphy and Wounded Knee.

andy kessler montauk aug 14 2009

Celebrating the Life of Andy Kessler
Ditch Plains Beach, Montauk
August 14, 2009

Photo Michael Rovnyack, MJRPhoto.net

Special thanks to Irene Ching for this.

Andy Kessler

Andy Kessler Riverside Park, NYC 1979

Tom Groholski  Tony Squindo Andy  Kessler NYC

Tom Groholski, Glenn E. Freidman, and Any Kessler NYC 2008

Photo by Tony Squindo

Tom G interview juice Magazine

Andy Kessler Deathbowl to Downtown

Andy Kessler Deathbowl to Downtown

Andy Kessler Harry Jumongi Rodney Smith

The Kings of NY: Harry Jumonji, Rodney Smith and Andy Kessler

Photo Derek Rinaldi