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452: Favourite Rock pics – Guy Piccioto Fugazi DC some by Jason Oliva

guy picciotto of Fugazi… A classic

Photographer  (If you are he/she please email me so I can give credit)

OK this is one of my favorite rock pics of all time. I was even thinking it is up there with Hendrix burning his guitar and then I thought I like Guy’s even more then that…Hendrix doesnt sing or play his guitar while its burning…look at Guy!! Singing his guts out…too cool. Another reason for posting this pic on THOS is that we get Fugazi traffic mostly due in part to a post I did on DC and my Fugazi pics:

If you google Guy Picciotto you can see THOS photo I took features prominently


So I thought I would add this basketball hoop gem of Fugazi Guy  to the site and see if we can push it up the ranks a bit. Guy is cool and I have had a bit of a back n forth with him here and there and he digs my pics too.

Hey while we are at it we should get these two up the google ladder as as well:

Guy Picciotto of Fugazi St. 1990 St. Augustines School

photo by Jason Oliva

Guy Picciotto of Fugazi St. 1990 St Augastines School

photo by Jason Oliva


Jason Oliva  Artist