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613: 3rd annual Shut Shop Skate Summit [SSSS] Michael Cohen, Jason Oliva, Rodney and Kieran Smith

Rodney and Kieran Smith and Jason Oliva


Rodney and Kieran Smith, Jason Oliva, Michael Cohen

So I have been away working hard with regards to art but now I am back, somewhat. So we had the third annual SHUT Shop Skate Summit [SSSS]. I am glad to say that in a matter of three years attendance has doubled in size! This year Rodney and I were joined by Michael ‘The Concierge” Cohen and next gen Smith-Kieran. Michael was just randomly rockin the [EN-JAY] shirt when I turned up. As per normal we chatted and set the skate world to right but the hot topic for me was the new Jamie Affoumado board that Shut put out. Its got killer graphics derived from Jaime’s Karate certificate and sick shape….We are gonna get these up in the shop ASAP, in the meantime checkout the cool new SHUT shirts, Eli killed it with this ONE

Great time

Thanks my Brutha’s


PS – Thanks for the kick..Sean K!

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