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425: Did you ever want to understand the problems of a 40 year old skate park/cult leader? Soon you can! : Skatopia The Movie coming soon.

Hi Jason!

I’ve got a sample from the upcoming documentary, Skatopia! It’s absolutely insane what these guys are getting away with out in the mountains.. take a look and share it with your readers!

When you want to relax you might close your eyes and imagine a place that makes you happy, or calm; perhaps even try to fade away to an intangible state of utopia. Now, imagine that while attempting to center your chakra, suddenly a flaming mini-van pops into your cranium and scares the hell out of you! That’s exactly what this “Skatopia” documentary did when I saw it. I have to admit though – it’s pretty bad ass what these kids (and this 40 year old) are doing. They’re one big bowl-skating, ramp-building, car-burning family in the middle of the Appalachians. It’s not utopia, it’s Skatopia!



Jason Oliva

Thanks for sharing Carrie….I feel safer knowing THOS is on their good side! I know where I am going when the oil runs out..