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452: Favourite Rock pics – Guy Piccioto Fugazi DC some by Jason Oliva

guy picciotto of Fugazi… A classic

Photographer  (If you are he/she please email me so I can give credit)

OK this is one of my favorite rock pics of all time. I was even thinking it is up there with Hendrix burning his guitar and then I thought I like Guy’s even more then that…Hendrix doesnt sing or play his guitar while its burning…look at Guy!! Singing his guts out…too cool. Another reason for posting this pic on THOS is that we get Fugazi traffic mostly due in part to a post I did on DC and my Fugazi pics:

If you google Guy Picciotto you can see THOS photo I took features prominently


So I thought I would add this basketball hoop gem of Fugazi Guy  to the site and see if we can push it up the ranks a bit. Guy is cool and I have had a bit of a back n forth with him here and there and he digs my pics too.

Hey while we are at it we should get these two up the google ladder as as well:

Guy Picciotto of Fugazi St. 1990 St. Augustines School

photo by Jason Oliva

Guy Picciotto of Fugazi St. 1990 St Augastines School

photo by Jason Oliva


Jason Oliva  Artist

244: Wow, I havent been on the site in a long time. Jason Oliva Washington DC 1989…….OR “Commonplace events become adventure when you start recounting them” -> Jean-Paul Sartre!!

Jason oliva washington DC Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool

Jason Oliva 1989 Drained reflecting pool Lincoln Memorial.

Washington DC

P.S. I am wearing a sweatshirt that said College across the front Ala Jim Belushi Animal House…Wish I still had it.

Photographer: Name Forgotten (You went to GW and we used to skate, email me!!)

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

DC was a great place to skate back in the day. The police where so busy with CRACK and maintaining the “Murder Capital of the World” status skaters slipped under the radar. I remember riding amazing public properties (Welfare Building) for months (not days, not hours, not even minutes…yes months)

Some memorable places:

An empty pool at a DC Hotel that we would get chased out of every autumn/winter.(ok this place was private so it was one skater 2-3 hits then scram, always dry though!!)

Jason Oliva DC 1988

Jason Oliva runnin for the fence. Alva Team Shorts (gift From Dan Tag) Dan Tag Brand X prototype (another Tag hand me down, still riding it too)

A couple favorites where the fountains at Malcolm X park(Meridian Hill Park) (try to avoid the days the DEA raids the place though) The Crack dealer’s hung on the balconies an we skated the empty fountain….very harmonious.

Malcolm X park 1988

Also one time they drained the reflecting pool (that large body of still water in front of the Lincoln Memorial and I got to skate in it. Too cool!! (SEE ABOVE PHOTO)


There was also a great ditch (Shady Grove Ditch) outside a parking lot on one of the last Metro Stops In Maryland (sorry no pics, but I am sure its till there).

Proximity to Cedar Crest was paramount!! I actually chose GWU because it was near the most challenging ramp in the universe (CCCC) Anyone out there applying to GW let me know I’ll give you a booming recommendation.

There was a great music scene in DC too:

Hung out with The Bad Brains:

Jason Oliva and the Bad brains

Saw every Fugazi show and took tons of Pics:

Fugazi picture by jason Oliva

Even Guy Picciotto liked my photography


Wow – these shots are crazy ! Great vibe to them —I don’t remember having that weird plastic G taped to my mic stand or much else about the gig though I remember really liking Crash Worship. Thanks again for letting us check your photos out – very cool of you –

Peace – Guy


Weird Plastic “G” in question.

[clearspring_widget title=”Animoto.com” wid=”46928cc51133af17″ pid=”4974ad5ed86dfe38″ width=”432″ height=”240″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]
Fugazi July 6, 1990 St. Augastine’s School (slight loading time but worth the wait)
Photography: Jason Oliva
Music: with permission, Fugazi

John Stabb

John Stabb Photograph: Jason Oliva

Even had John Stabb of “Government Issue Fame” perform (and Crash) at the house I was living in.

Hope your feeling better John!!!! (John recently had a bad mugging which I can relate too, and a benefit show for him in Aug 07 )

Hey Jason,

Very cool stuff that seriously captures a feeling long gone in WDC scene. I forgot that it was you who took that picture of me being a Madchester Man-ha! Ian Brown wishes he could’ve been that cool-ha!

Looking forward to your book in the future.

– John

Worked at The Bayou/Lisner Auditorium/Constitution hall and met: Ray Charles, Public Enemy, All of The Ramones, Mike Muir, MArk Arm, Mick Jones, James Hettfeild (we played Pinball, then he got thrown out of the Bayou for doing to many girls in the club) Henry Rollins at DC Space, Hunter S. Thompson (your welcome Missy/Hunter!) Belinda Carlisle, and a bunch of other cool musicians as well…….

I even spooked Bob Dylan back stage at Constitution Hall…. A story I am saving for my memoirs! (due out by Random House of Steam publishing 2023)

Good times!

Oh Yeah…Shudder to Think ruled!!

Anyway (back to 2007) I got this email today:

Hey Jason,

My name is Jimmy and I came across your photos and such while digging for things for my movie I’m working on in the next few years. Then I recognized your name and tried to figure out where i knew you from and it all came back to me. I met you in 1988 skating in dc. I think you went to GW university. My foster mom drove us to cedar crest a few times. Man those were the good ‘ol days. Anyway, it’s so rad to come across the photos you had of cedar crest and such. I’m doing a movie on the history of dc skating from the 60’s to now. The highlight will be the pulaski park era which i was involved in for 20 years. I was wandering if you have any photos of skating in dc. or maryland , cuz they had a huge scene as well. Mike mapp told me he’s got stuff from 1980 and up. cedar crest too. he helped buid it. i remember you giving me homemade stickers of team steam. i wish i still had those. —–you can check out my website : www.skate-a-thon.blogspot.com —later—jimmy

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

How Crazy!!

20 years later! Yep those where good Ole times for me too. Flying solo with only the occasional Team Steam Member visit. Jimmy and I met skating probably outside the Welfare Building in DC (great spot!!) and he took me all over from there (he was DC local royalty, I was invading Yankee College boy)

Check Out Jimmy’s web page: www.skate-a-thon.blogspot.com and his 45 mile skate, MS charity raising event(always time to donate to MS still). Sorry The House of Steam was late to the party but you are now dually noted and recognized by our community.

Nice one Jimmy you count on our involvement in your film project!


For more Washington DC go to: http://www.theforgottencity.com “Theres no place like home”