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518: Join the H Street Battalion…Tony Magnusson relaunches H street: Dave Hackett and Alysha Bergado on board

Tony Mag CCCC Highest Air

I put this together ages ago,

So TM has re-launched H street. I dug H-street.. I remember Hokus Pokus on VHS, great video. H-Street even  nabbed Danny Way from Powell back in the day…The 2010 Motley Crew consists of :Ray Allen, Eddie “El Guerra”  Art Godoy, T-MAGMA, Dave (skated the Barn) Hackett and the young gun Alysha Bergado (who at 12 or 13…rips)

I read about the History and checked out the catalog HERE

Here is some H street Motley Crew action:

The youngest Alysha Bergado

The Oldest DAve Hackett (setting the record for the oldest to pull the loop “O” Death….”GNAR!”

Tony Mag 1989 H-Street…Kinda reminds you of Darren.

Ray Allen Hokus Pokus

463: The answer to The House of Steam’s Tony Hawk Ride trivia contest is……… and the winner is……….

The answer to the question who bested Tony Hawk in a 1992 Florida contest is…..Tom “The Rock” Boyle!!

Tom “The Rock” Boyle Stalefish

So who is Tom Boyle you say… he was the rider who was the first to pull frontside kickflips on a vert ramp and along with skaters like Danny Way and Colin Mckay  helped usher in the final bit of modernisation that brought all the street skating tricks of the early 90’s onto the vert ramp. Things would never be the same. Let’s take a look at Tom and these guys skating back then…Shall we?

Tom Boyle…1994!

Danny Way, Colin McKay…1997

So its now 1997 and vert riders can perform magic on the ramp, its no wonder the sport started coming back out of the darkness. Who would not be excited after  watching this level of skating. We all know a bit of what is to come in the new millennium skating audiences wanted skaters to go from being magicians to plain old death defying stuntmen….and the sport moved into 360 Loops, Mega Ramps, Helicopters and Great Walls in China. By making things bigger and more daring almost overnight there where 1,000 new first to be attained in the sport…first to do the loop, first to pull any trick across the mega ramp or on its wall….Has anyone done a 25 foot frontside ollie to grind yet? .Well I for one am pleased to report that with the influence of  East Coast Legend  Bucky Lasek and his new bowl ‘Heaven’ it seems vert skating is trending back to a healthy balance of everything. That bowl looks like skaters skating something that is humbling for all the right reasons.

Yes, Yes I know that there were countless other skaters involved in these decades least of which Tony Hawk who’s contributions to the sport of skating need not even be taken into question but when you crack open the history books be sure to pencil in Tom “The Rock” Boyle if you find his name missing.

Ohhh and the winner of the Tony Hawk Ride (chosen at random from the correct entries) is……..MATHEW KLEIN

That is young Mathew Klein circa 1987 about to drop in on the quarter pipe…while I (Jason Oliva) skate his vert ramp

Well, Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Tony Hawk and the good people over at THRIDE for sponsoring!!

Look for more trivia contests soon in the new year. Dont forget to check out THRIDE and spread the word.

PS…. for those of you who may not know about Tony Hawk’s contributions on and off the board to the sport of skating this video is a good place to start…Nice run Tony!


Jason Oliva

323: Remember the first time you dropped in on a ramp? Ryan Sheckler vs. The Mega Ramp


Ok, everyone remembers the first time they dropped in right? No need to describe the feeling. Skateboarding has come a long way since those small backyard ramp days, at time skaters seem more like stunt men to me but the drop in right of passage has not changed a bit. Its like Jedi and padawan, you have the skater who has done it convincing the one who hasnt how easy it is and just go for it. 

Take this video for example….Crazy!!


PS. my favorite line is when Danny Way (I think thats him) says “Its mello, its just like bombing a hill”….What freakin hill is he talking about!! I for one wouldn’t jump that thing in a car made of texas pads with Evil Keneivel driving.

PSS How about the casual backside ollie into the mega ramp. That was pretty “Mello” too.

Nice work!! If you can survive it.