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570: Episode 006 THOS.TV- Todd Laffler 1988 [En-Jay]

Its a Friday so its THOS TV time!

Episode 006: 1988 [En-Jay] Todd Laffler

Todd mastered what it took to be a great street skater back in the 80’s and it was during the 80’s he got his start as a photographer  by  creating the Epic Tome of 80’s East Coast Skate- Fish*Eye. All that skate photography has led to his current career as a professional photographer. I follow Todd’s blog and regardless of his subject I am always blown away by his photographs…here is an example of his more current skate photography…pretty nuts? right? and how about this past gem of Todd’s work:

Chris “Dune” Pastras by Todd Laffler

Fish*Eye Issue 1 by Todd Laffler, Mike Vallely Cover

….and as Mike V brought his brand of east coast 80’s street style to the world stage via the cover of Thrasher Todd was there alongside the other [En-Jay] rippers contributing to its development it in schoolyards, parking lots and unfinished basements.

I planned on adding some titles such as …Do you remember todd? or just because you are not famous that does not mean you are not great but then I thought sod all that nonsense we have nothing to prove here at THOS…its just one of my favorite videos and I dig watching it…hope you do too.

Click the Logo picture to view Episode 006 on the web:




I am really excited, astonished and slightly nervous by the amount of subscribers THOS TV has and in such a short time as well. Thanks to everyone who is watching. If you want to support the show you can head over to I-tunes and leave a review or rating and in addition if you have anything videos you would like to submit please feel free to contact me.


Jason Oliva


517: The art of Chris Pastras :Stereo Sound Agency’s Co-Captain and Derek Rinaldi a new Sound Agent.


I have never met NJ hometown hero Chris Pastras but regardless I  dig the style and aesthetic he has created with Stereo Sound Agency. Like the Rat Pack in Salvation army clothes walking resevoir dog style exiting a private jet onto a tiki bar laden island in the sixties….in full color. Thats sorta how I see it. Forget the center… move way over and create a new center, thats how I dig it and and they live it.  Our favorite son Derek Rinaldi has begun to contribute over on the Stereo Sound Agency blog and me-thinks you should check it out.


Chris Pastras at work painting

Click to Check out Derek’s contributions

and all things Stereo.

Jason Oliva Artist

Couple of Post Scripts:

Derek Rinaldi doing one of  those things he can do.

(Photo Courtesy of Totally Skateboards)

Derek Rinaldi, Clint Peterson (Stereo Pro) and Chris

……and I think I put a large percentage of these hits on this clip

something about the music and the repetition…coolness

The House of Steam 364: Jason Lee 1992

506: Bangin! Chris “Dune” Pastras at The Berrics

Check it….DUNE….I dig these…cool slow mo sound effect.

Our mate Derek Rinaldi is now contributing words over at Stereo Sound Agency. Coolness.

Jason Oliva


360: Chris “Dune” Malik Pastras…Great photo by Todd Laffler


Dune World Trade Center NYC circa “back in the day”

Photo by Todd Laffler

Jason Oliva

Great photo.Maybe one of the all time great skate photos. Todd Laffler is good at creating Iconic images..couple things I dig here, Dune is one of my favorite books(admittedly unrelated) also this is my old neighborhood and I can smell the Krispy Kreme donuts just off camera to the right and another is I couldn’t do a g turn (I must admit I could barely do a lower case i turn) to save my life let alone a knee scraping stylish one including such a dramatic and iconic back drop…well done. As far as Dune goes? … chime in and  tell everyone about him and his skating and Stereo Sound Agencyness

Here is a cool piece written by an old friend Derek Rinaldi for the Stereo Sound Agency Blog

The Art of Chris Pastras Then and Now