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479: Matt Wood..in THOS via CheapSkates

Matt Wood StaleFish Cheapskates PA

Photo Todd laffler


Been looking to get a proper picture of Matt Wood in THOS not  just a mention… TL delivers…Here he is killing the mini ramp at Cheapskate.

Nice one

Jason Oliva

404: Jay Sigafoos Cheap Skates Mini Ramp Photo Ben Cornish

Jay Sigafoos Cheap Skate ben cornish
Jay Sigafoos Cheap Skates PA Mini Ramp
Photo By Ben Cornish

I was at CS one time and saw Jay Sigafoos skate the mini ramp. Made me wanna take off my pads and go sit in the car, I couldnt get my brain around some of what I was seeing.
JS Still Killing it today..

Killer photo Corn!


355: Unknown Skater 2 : Cheap Skates PA…Chris Diehem?

Unknown Skater Cheap Skates PA

Unknown Skater Cheap Skates PA Possibly early 90’s


This is our second unknown Skater in the Archive…Anyone recognize?


So far it looks like A friend of Buster Halterman’s named Scott. Or CHris Diehem former Ocean Bowl employee.

Jason Oliva

342: Sean Miller 1990 Cheapskates

328: I Skated Cheap Skates in the Long Cold Winter of 88

Here it is the elusive “Holy Grail” of stickers. I have received a lot of emails asking about this sticker and after 2 years it has finally turned up. We can all thank Irene Ching for saving this one from extinction. If anyone needs a Hi res scan of this for tattoo purposes let me know and I will shake IC down for one.

Thanks again Irene, you rule



326: More Cheap Skate Artifacts on the way.

Click the image to In biggin.

Art by Ken Sigafoos


For the last couple month I have been receiving (and hoarding like treasure) a lot of great artifacts for the archive. 20-30 never before seen Barn photos and also some amazing relics from Cheap Skates. I will be doing my best to get all of this wealth distributed to everyone via the archive as timely as possible. If you have anything remember you can email me directly at jasonoliva@gmail.com 

321: Cheap Skates Sticker, PA Ken Sigafoos Circa ?

Ken Sigafoos Circa ?

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

This oughta make a cool screen saver! Thanks to the person who emailed me this gem!