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122: Bryan Kienlen of The Bouncing Souls checks in with The House of Steam

I grew up in Basking Ridge, watching Jay Henry, Greg Colescott and Tom Groholski
skate Jay’s ramp, the Barn and the GirlRamp(Purdy’s house). I was just a
grom hanging out with my bud Wig. We’d skate the ditch, then hit the Barn
and the Girly ramp, where we learned a lot. I remember Weepy (r.i.p.)very
well too. Although I was always intimidated as a grom, the Kanes and all
the guys that skated the Barn were cool to us. I almost broke my wrist
learning to drop in at the barn, being cheered on the the older guys. I
eventually got better over the years. I’ve included a picture of my
backyard ramp, (built entirely on stolen wood ha ha). Here is a pic of me
and my pal Sean learning at the Barn. (I’m the one standing on the
platform, Sean’s working on the frontside) The other is me chucking an Indy
air at the Girl Ramp. (Dig the old Dogtown deck) I wish I had more pics
to share, but it’s rad that you guys have a site, Wig turned me on to it.
I’ve lost touch with Jay Henry, but am newly in touch with Greg Colescott if
you guys remember who he was. He was a kid who moved from Huntington to
Basking Ridge and skated Jay’s house all the time in the mid eighties. I
also keep tabs on the Raging Lamos/Stevie D. I went on to start a band,
we’re called The Bouncing Souls and are still at it, making lots of records
and touring all the time. Thanks a lot!

jason oliva the house of steam Bryan Kienlen the bouncing souls

Bryan Kienlen The bouncing SOuls jason oliva the house of steam

Bryan Kienlen The bouncing SOuls backyard ramp jason oliva the house of steam

Thanks Bryan!!

The first time I saw The Bouncing Souls I was standing in a driveway and they were in a garage it was near Rutgers (i think) and a handful of peeps got together to hear them play one Saturday afternoon. They did a kick ass cover of FEAR’s I dont care about you. Well they have moved on to some lofty heights since those days in the late 80’s I guess its all NJ music history now. Head over to their website and buy all their T’s and records…

SO SAYS=> The House of Steam !!!!

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