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516: Blue Monday, More Fiber-Rider ramp fun…Silver Apple ramp Jersey Shore: Dave Padulo

Dave Padulo Silver Apple skate Shop Contest Jersey Shore


Love that vid Chuck posted.  I only met him once or twice but I always really liked him.  Total Renaissance man.  I still have a cassette tape of a bunch of McRad / McShred demos he did somewhere.  I barely knew him and it just showed up in my mail box back in the day.

But what the post reminded me of was…did I ever send you the color picture of me at the Silver Apple Skate Contest?  I found it when Jeff was in town and we were going through all the old photos.  It was just as I remembered.  That video of Chuck could have been the same freaking ramp too.  I’ll attach it again just in case.  Love the color in it..the blue ramp, my orange helmet, and my black Tommy G Jersey Devil board which he flowed me for getting him some pool coping.

Dave Padulo

Oh and what happened to that Vision Black Tom Groholski Jersey Devil board?

Sanded down and painted on (DOH!)…take that Wall Street Journal!

I wonder if Tom still has the pool coping…

Jason Oliva


Lets not forget Post 442: Matt Padulo, Bernie O’Dowd, Jeff Jones and Harry Jumonji:



515: Chuck Treece Fiber-Riding Haverton PA Back in the day

This is too cool, Chuck posted this on FB. Old fiber rider ramp. Unique stuff. I had the pleasure of really injuring myself on one of these gems, notably the Blue ramp.

What year do you think this is?

Jason Oliva

413: Mailbag Friday: Darren Menditto, Tom Groholski “performing” at Great AdventureJeff Jones & The Blue Ramp from Bill Devlin

Darren Menditto 1988

Darren Menditto Ocean City MD 1988

Photo Bill Devlin

Hey Jason-

I stumbled across your great House of Steam blog yesterday, and probably spent a good hour just looking at a bunch of stuff (I think i initially googled Ken Salerno..an old friend of a friend…turned up some hits for your site). Definitely great to see someone in NJ made an effort to document and publish via the web the skate scene here. Some of the stuff brought back some fond memories. I was part of crew of SJ inbreds who tried to venture out and skate different ramps, etc. on the East Coast, and was always stoked when we’d get to cross paths w/ the likes of Tom G., Murph, Chuck Treece, or get to see and skate w/ some of the truly rippin’ guys from ‘up north’. Funny for example, how i know i skated the barn ramp at least once, but barely can remember being there. I do remember skating Great Adventure w/ Groholski when he invited us to skate w/ him between his ‘performances’ there (remember that? think they called it a ‘skateboard stunt show’ or some sh*t). Anyway, everyone was always cool to us, which we all appreciated.
Anyway, i came across a shot i took of Darren M. (pretty sure it’s him) I took during a few trips we got to take down to OC Maryland, probably like 88′. I just remember that ramp being slick as snot, yet all those guys ripped it without any fear. I thought i scan it and send to you for your archives/sake of posterity, since if i didn’t, it’d would sit in a box probably for another 20 years. Feel free to use or post, no need to credit photo either.

Bill devlin Blue ramp

Bill Devlin Blue Ramp, NJ

I also attached a shot of me at what we always called ‘Jeff Jones’ ramp’, aka the Blue Ramp. All i know is we just showed up there one day, and whoever answered the door was kind enough to let us skate w/ no problems. That ramp still there? Back in those days finding a good skateable ramp in Jersey was like a quest for the Holy Grail sometimes.
Great site, and checked out some of your artwork, awesome stuff.

Bill D


Thanks Bill!! Great stuff. I think I will try and get together more of these emails and get them out on Fridays…keep em pouring in! (with pics!)


140: The Blue Ramp NJ being built in the early 80’s. Bernie O’Dowd 85

Blue Ramp Construction jason oliva the house of steam

Blue Ramp under construction in New Jersey Early 80’s

Cant remember who sent me this one but if your out their send me your name again.

Bernie O’Dowd 85 blue ramp jason oliva the house of steam

Bernie O’Dowd 85 Blue ramp NJ

Dig the Police Ghost in the Machine tag…too funny




Bernie O’Dowd and Chris WEEP Blank Dorkin Around circa 1987
Super 8 footage by Ben Cornish

Team Steam at Matt Klein’s New jersey Circa 1987
Super 8 from Ben Cornish

10: Bernie O’Dowd Backside Air at the Barn 1985

Bernie ODowd B side air 85 barn

Bernie O’Dowd Backside Air at the Barn 1985

By 1986 The Barn would be layered in Masonite (ohhh the burns it gaveth). The Kanes never seemed to pull any old layers off when putting new layers on it so it slowly lost transition over time but became hard as concrete when you slammed on it.

Not sure who is on the platform but you can catch a glimpse of some art (When Stickmen get Rad? anyone remember?) by Stevie “D” Mannion of The Raging Lamos.


NYC Artist Jason Oliva

8: Bernie O’Dowd Ice PLant at the Blue Ramp 1985

Bernie O'Dowd blue ramp ice plant 1985

Bernie O’Dowd Ice Plant at the Blue Ramp (New Jersey) 1985

I think I have some other photos from one of these sessions including Darren, Dan Tag, and Jim Murphy…Ill fire up the scanner an post em.

Make special note of the Tom Groholski Vision Skate shorts with art by Team Steams Jay Henry.


NYC Artist Jason Oliva